Tuesday, September 08, 2009

LMAO Yet Fairly Disturbing

Every once in a while I check my sitemeter out to see who is visiting. If I see a couple of states, I figure that I probably know these people peering in.

Yet, once I see the title of what they were looking up, hopefully not. Here is what I saw when I looked up one viewer whose location will remain secret:

"which family member you want catching you jerking off"

Not sure why this pulled up my site???? Perhaps because I call some of my family members jerks LOL. Anyway, my answer to this question would be a resounding NOT A ONE OF THEM!!! Never mind that it would be physically impossible for me to do so anyway.

However, get help and thanks for the chuckle that you didn't even know you passed on this morning.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What Is It With People That Don't Call First!

First off, I am delighted to see people that I haven't seen for awhile. You know, that is unless you interupt me in the middle of an mid day married person's personal activity!! Or something else that I may be doing and not expecting company to pop in.

My life really isn't so boring that I might not be involved in something. However, if you just called first, not only could I arrange my activities, but I could arrange something fun for us all to do.

Just saying. And just because we are an old married couple, does not mean you couldn't find us in a compromising position if you just let yourself in. And no one needs to see that!!