Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Site Gets More Traffic Than My Bus. Site

It's so totally wierd that this site, which has been minimally active, still gets as much attention as it does. Look wise anyway. I can only hope that I am providing some people with answers (sort of) or affirmation that others have gone through this. Or are going through this.

Sort of sad to realize that so many people are searching for answers to this problem. Sometimes this problem can not be resolved because of who people are and will continue to be despite wishes otherwise. Eventually acceptance in this situation should and can be reached, and life can continue on in a pleasant manner:)---regardless of what the solution is determined to be.

Anyway, I am doing well. I've had a few death tragedies lately. I guess it's a real sign that you are getting older when you can not get out of a year without one or more people/things that you love become deceased. Those are the thoughts that preoccupy me now. It seems just as one grieving process nears as acceptable level of pain, another one is starting right around the corner.

Always seems to happen in December or months surrounding as well. Not very holiday orientated lately, and in fact have decided the holidays that I will celebrate will be in October and February instead (Valentines and Halloween).

I really hate death of my loved ones. Very sad thoughts lately.