Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Some of The Rest of My Family "Works"

My father's siblings seem to have a "similar" condition in their relationships as my father has.   One actually does seem to have a close relationship with two of their children (of the three).  The other does not seem to notice that their relationship is a bit strained with all three of their children.   With other people (like offspring) their relationships are very superficial.   Basically seeing these people a few times a year, but able to bring up the "family" card while not knowing these people at all.

When my step monster woke me up from a sound sleep with a slap (because Spermy said to go to sleep, he would do the dishes, but when she came home the dishes were not done), Eggy called one of the siblings thinking that they would give support.   What happened was I was called up, and told this was not that bad.   Oh,okay, let me drop by your house one night, walk into your bedroom while you are sleeping, and slap you across the face.   Or perhaps welcome you back into your childhood home by standing at the top of the stairs screaming "you are not letting that bitch into my home".   Then you can live everyday like that, without any money or escape, and see how comfortable your life is as you figure out how to get back out of it.

Spermy's siblings were supposed to be my "God Parents" by the way.   Yeah, I felt really safe and loved.   So here is a message that I send one of Spermy's siblings spouse (ie my aunt or uncle by marriage), who reached out not to me (and hasn't ever bothered to talk to me about this or reach out and find out if I am okay ever and this has been going on for six years) but on Spermy's "behalf" (not that he has shown any interest).

I never got any response from this message sent November 2010 (surprising as they were all interested in reaching out via third party) from this "relative".   Relationships in this family as about as deep as the width of an atom.  Why bother?  
  • D,

    I had a nice talk with R yesterday. I thought it only fair that I drop you a line as well. Decisions that I make in my adult life have not been made easily and not without some pain. I know you are thinking of this from what you percieve Spermy's side may be or as you yourself would as a father. I further know that since you don't know me at all, you are not going to be able to understand what it's like to be me.

    However, I am a person with feelings, and it does hurt to get a message sent to me through another person that I am close to. R felt they had to talk to my cousin about this, but this is not my cousin's fault or problem.   My cousin spends time coming here, getting to know me, and we have a good time and discussions about personal and painful things that are private.
    I know that you and R identify yourself as my "family". As so, it would have been more appropriate for you to have picked up the phone and talked to me yourself. I would have probably told you it was a private matter, and that's okay. Had we more time together, or an interest in me as a person rather than the offspring of someone you are fond of, we could have possibly had a deeper conversation.
    The point is, that it hurts for me. No, I do not want a relationship with Spermy. For me a relationship or family is one that spends time and genuine interest in me. It is not someone I see five holidays out of the year, but whom thinks it;s okay to be abusive towards me any other day. I think Spermy can live without the two hours of conversation that we would have during the year. I did try at one time to have one on one time, but that was not what he was interested in. That's fine, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.
    When I mentioned I was in a "good place" to R, they said something like "we are happy for all the things that you have", which is kind of a weird thing to say. What I have is people who love and support me. Life is fleeting and short, and I intend to spend that time with people who love me and I love them.
    Tradition and "should does" do not mean much to me when they are not meant with true feeling and purpose. Please remember that I am a human being who has gone through some very painful stuff in her life. I don't appreciate these awful memories being sprung on me around the holidays, and if you wish to do that you should at least do it with me in person.

    I hope you understand. I hope that this does not make you feel bad, but it is something I had to say.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Shrinking Family

Robert and I are doing great on our weight loss goals.   It hasn't been easy in some ways, and easy in other ways.  Just good old fashion watching what we are eating and exercising.   We did get some tips from a nutritionist that were helpful as follows (and simple);

  1. Do this together which has always been a problem.  One or the other was attempting, and then "the temptations" would come in (and I am not talking about the singing group).
  2. Food shopping together (we have not been doing so great on this lately).
  3. Eating the same meals (we do this a lot more, but sometimes are tastes still differ).
  4. Eating more vegetables (never a problem for me, and husband discovered he likes carrots and sweet potatoes after all).
  5. Two thirds of plate should be vegetables.  (better on this but not up to two thirds all the time)
  6. First word in bread and cereal ingredients should be whole.
  7. Three meals, and two snacks a day.
  8. When you wake up, eat no more than 1 hour after waking (I have not been so great on this).
  9. Start exercising slowly(have been good on this)
  10. Make menu plans (was good on this in the beginning, but now that we basically know what we are going to be eating, we don't bother so much anymore).
Great tips, and unfortunately the nutritionist that we used left:(   We may make some follow up appointments.

Only news on the Spermy front is that we were recently at a flea market.   One of my dad's old friends, who incidentally lives right next to his summer house and has for ages, saw me and came to say hello.   Apparently Spermy never goes to see his old friend, and when he does see him, he disappears inside the house.   This is someone who sold the summer house to him, very low, because they were friends, and no doubt he thought Spermy would keep up the friendship in some way.    His friend actually asked ME to say hi to my dad for me.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I haven't talked to Spermy in over five years.   This is just the way Spermy treats people, dispose of them once they have given you what you wanted.   Nice.  At least it's not just me Spermy treats this way.