Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weird Ass Dreams

I do not think this dream has anything to do with my donors or step monster.   In fact, unless I see them physically (and they do something rude towards my husband) they do not much reside in my head anymore.  They seem to be floating farther and farther out to sea as far as my thoughts are concerned.   I have no time or inclination to rescue them or seek them out.

So anyway, onto the strange dream.   I believe I know why I had it, I was talking to a neighbor about programs on animal abuse the other day.   Also, I always see the posts about how people hate all pet stores, and would rather "not buy" their animals (although if you go through a breeder or a rescue shelter you are buying).   Wasn't going to interject my opinion here on pet stores, but what I hate are pet mills.   I think it's more honest to say you don't support pet stores, instead of acting like buying a puppy from a shelter is so drastically different.  Anyway, that is a post for my other blog at another time.  Suffice it to say that the problems of pet sales and pet ownership are far more complex than boycotting pet stores that sell pets.

The dream begins in a recurring place that is sometimes in my dream.  It is an overcrowded pet store, with kittens and puppies jammed in cages (looking sickly) up to the ceiling.   Sometimes during the dream it turns into shelter with those same conditions (luckily most shelters need to be inspected).   Everytime I see this place in the dream, I recognize it as a recurring place (not at all a real place that I have been, my mind completely makes this up).

There is a rag doll kitten there that catches my eye.   I should say that since Mustache, our last cat, died of old age in 2006 or 2007, we have not gotten another cat as we are both horribly allergic to them!  Miss everything about them except the dreaded cat box, but if we were not allergic...we would most likely still have cats as well as dogs.

Somehow, I present this kitten to Robert, and he must have agreed as we came home with a kitten.  Actually here is where it turns a bit bizarre.   We come home with two kittens actually one striped and one that looks like a stuffed doll but is living.   On closer inspection, I discover that it is a covering on either a very deformed kitten or a very abused kitten who is all bandaged underneath....

That discovery is the last thing I remember about that dream.

Glad to see that my sleeping brain is working on more important issues, however.   Like the plight of animals everywhere, pet shops, and what happens to them when they do not get the right home.