Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Cinema-Caution, Lust

I couldn't sleep the other night, and wanted something a little out of my normal realm. Actually, as a teenager and young adult, I liked these Greta Garbo romatic/tragic kind of movies. As I got older, I began to think films like "Gone with the Wind" or "Camille" were so silly, as they could have had happy endings, but the characters were always making bad choices (and these were normally the women of the story, of course).

Same here, but it's a decadent movie. Pretty surprisingly graphic sex scenes!! Wasn't expecting that from a foreign movie. Interesting little movie, I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Poor Father In Law

My father in law recently had what may have been his second stroke. He has been getting more and more forgetful or losing memories altogether, along with other signs of oncoming senility to boot. He goes in and out which is quite distressing for the family, as they try and decide what the right thing to do is.

He also has a mental illness which contributed to threats of suicide recently when he found himself in the hospital. Family is trying to get guardianship of him for his own good. Family friend leaked this to him, and now he has his own lawyers. Hospital is TRYING to kick him out as they are no longer treating him for the stroke, and no longer want the liability for his suicide threat. Also, they seemed really ill equipped to handle an elderly man with a mental illness. Is this new or something for them? Is this something that they don't go over in medical school? Geez Louise!!

Meanwhile rehab nor nursing homes want to take him either. Family is ill equipped to deal, as this would have to be a full time gig, complete with doing medical tasks that would make me quite nervous and monitoring his medicine intake et. As you might imagine, my father in law just wants to go to his non assisted apartment. The hospital that was threatening to let him do that, backed down after all while the family scrambles for alternatives. Ugh.

I guess this is all the thrill of making it to your golden years? I am hoping once an assisted living situation is found, he thrives in it like my grandmother did.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whallopped with the Blues

I have been so good about taking my allergy and bipolar meds. Recently though, the renewal for my bipolar med lapsed, and I ended up missing two days.

Huge mistake, instead of getting the manic part, I am way down in the dumps. Had a crying jag all yesterday. It so sucks.

Everything is suddenly so "heavy" feeling, and you feel you are unable to deal with any of it. But life goes on, and you have to whether you feel really bad or not.

I hate it, I really do. Why can't my body just regulate the appropriate hormones or whatever?

Monday, April 07, 2008

The House is Up for Sale Again

Okay, so the monster has hired a new real estate agent (as opposed to using herself). Must admit, that's probably a pretty good idea. And they are now using someone who is supposed to be quite successful. Really makes me think this real estate agent must not like them too much, as check out the pictures that she chose to use.

And here are the pictures of my old childhood home in it's glory.

Er, what tricky marketing plan are they using LOL. Did they loose the pictures of the house before or what? Now our house is down to 309,000 while it looks like it is now in the 140,000 category. I have added a new tag to check the progress called "Real Estate Mogul". An apt title for my competent monster who was insisting on being allowed to sell our house. Bwahhahahahahahhahahah!! I think not.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Secret

Unless I see the following actors side by side, I have trouble identifying.....

Only because in Black Snake Moan, Samuel looked tiny and had a beard and full head of hair. It's obvious when he's bald and clean shaven.

I have always had trouble figuring out whether it's Di Nero or Pacino. I have become better at identifying which is which when they are not side by side pictures recently, but I still need to think about it way to long.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Memories and Thoughts

I don't know why this memory popped into my head. I remember when the S Donor was a teacher at St Nicholas school in Worcester. He taught two grades, and classrooms joined together. There was a cool playfort in the classroom.

I used to pretend to get sick at school, so my S Donor would pick me up, and I would get to be in HIS classroom. I think the reason that I liked this, was this was the person that I did not see at home often. I certaintly did not see this person after the third grade, when I started forming my own opinions.

He had fun with his students, and he seemed fun to me there. It's a side of him that I never saw again as I got older, and of course I started getting in trouble for pretending to be sick so I could go to work with him. I am glad I did, as it is one memory that I like of him. I don't remember him teaching though, which is odd as I am sure he was. I think I retained the memory of what I liked most about him at that time.
Dr Phil has had many family shows on, the most recent being on controlling parents. I think that hit home, and then they were talking about school and controlling parents, and this memory popped up. I hadn't remembered or thought about it for the longest time.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Terror-Deadly End

For squirm factor, I am particularly partial to a couple of gory scenes here. I have had bad dreams about this. I mean not in these circumstances, but....

Acting is so so. One kind of sexy scene that becomes the basis for why the neighbor is "after" them. A pretty original story I think. I can't think of any that I watched that involved poisonings, except maybe Arsenic and Old Lace, which was sort of a comedy in a lot of ways. Story line does have some wholes though, and the typical spineless and helpless female victim.

So I dunno. I guess I recommend it for the somewhat original story line and gore factor, though the not well thought out story line and borderline acting would make it pretty tough to watch again.