Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stumbled Upon Interesting Posts

How To Deal With Estrangement (if it was not your decision to estrange)

The Critical Parent-How much is too much?  Wish I had found this article 25 years ago...

TheQueenandKing Blog-A new blog that I have round, that I will need to add to my resource list (along with others)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wanted to Point out A Couple Excellent Posts

Before these get lost, there are two excellent posts.  The first is not a happy story, but so important for those of you who are being silent to realize the damage being caused to YOURSELF.   You don't  have to suffer the kind of abuse that this man did to do this damage to yourself, and the damage does not need to come in the guise of your death.   By not being truthful and releasing our feelings, lessor but important damage can be done to ourselves.  This is an extreme (and terribly sad), but an important example of what silence can do to YOU.

Bill Zeller's Letter
On Bill Zeller's Family Situation

Even if your biological family won't listen or recognize what is going on, find someone to talk to.   There is someone out there that will support you.   There are groups of people that you can find who have gone through the same thing.   Ask for help and understanding.   Your life is meaningful, and you deserve and need to find your own worth.  It's possible if Bill Zeller had found this acceptance for himself, that he might not have been pushed to such a drastic measure.  One of his friends talked about a disconnect from how he perceived himself to the way his friends perceived him.  I suspect the support was closer than he realized. 

Same author and another great post regarding how to spot a true apology.  You know, the ones that don't say "why should I apologize when you won't talk to me" or the ones that don't include phrases like "bite me" or "shit happens"...   Ones who do not put conditions on you or put you to work to right their wrong doing.  Never seen one of those from certain people that were in your life?   I am not surprised, I have only seen real apologies from people that I know really love me as well instead of the bastardized and narcissistic version of "their love".