Friday, October 09, 2009

Elsie Snickers Rest in Peace 10/1/2009

Elsie Snickers was my grandmother on my maternal side. She died recently at a care facility. I am sorry that she did not enjoy her life, as everyone has a right to. She had an illness somewhere in her that (this is what I would like to think) prevented her from allowing those that had grown up loving her to be close.

I am not referring to myself in the above statement. I feel much empathy with her, having been trapped within the biology that she was born with (again this is what I would like to have think happened). She never really had a significant other to really share her life happily with.

I wish life could have dealt my grandmother a kinder blow. Please rest in peace, Elsie, and find happiness somewhere. I feel her death has released her from a very unhappy and unhealthy existence.

I don't write here much anymore on family issues. I felt that I needed to leave my memorial to my grandmother. Here are some memories of her:
  • She actually recorded me young singing, and listened to it in her adulthood. If you had ever heard me sing, you would be amazed that anyone would seek to listen to that.
  • I remember her little kitchen in the home she had when I was younger. Sitting at the table and talking with her.
  • I remember the Barbie airplane play kit that she bought me. I played with it all the time.
  • She had a box of my mother's old toys that I loved playing with at her house.
  • Christmas's visiting with her at her brother's family's house.

Saturday, October 03, 2009