Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Die Germs Die!!!!

The thing about getting over a cold, if you have done all the rest and taking care of yourself, is the re-emerging into the world and realizing how much Fing stuff you have gotten behind on. The "good" news is this is a historically slow time for business. Good only that it allows me to get up to speed on personal and business obligations without having to stress myself out too entirely much.

It also allows me some time for volunteer work, helping others out where I wouldn't normally have time, and enjoying my very own puppilas. I am not over the plague yet, but I have been up on my feet since 8am this morning, and don't want to carve my nose off my face. I am accepting this as a sign of improvement.

I realized, in my feverish haze, that having a cold makes my memory functioning go amuck. I had to go back to the house for poop bags numerous times. Remembering clients keys to take with me, statements or leashes was all too much. That lack of oxygen to the brain when you have a respiratory episode does nothing good. Not even a good high or anything, Geez. Excellent source of headaches however.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Debates

Hello My Dysfunctional American Family Friends,

I don't watch the debates, but I love seeing parodies and blogs about the debates. See my mind has been made up for a long time, and watching the debates would just get me all hot and bothered!! Plus I find the reports about John McCain's physical appearance quite alarming. Seriously the age thing is a serious deal. Anyone know where Cheney's been lately. What did we see him like three times since his term began?????

So my dysfunctional way to deal with this is only to read the (or watch the video of) humorous things that make me laugh out loud, or snort coffee out of my nostrils. It's much less painful this way.

While Obama was not my first choice, and he is my lesser of two evils...and a bit slick for my taste, I actually think he won't make a bad president. I would have preferred Hillary. Palin is the nail in McCain's coffin I believe, and a representation of the really bad choices that he would make as the potential President of the United States. Yikes. Did I say really bad decision? There must be a better adjective that describes that better. Dumb ass decision. WTF decision. Did you recently have a brain injury? Decision. And that the runner up was Mitt Romney!! I lived in Massachusetts, and let me tell you, they have not had a candidate worthy Governor in like, however. Closest would be Weld, but he blew it big time by not keeping his word, and leaving not once, but essentially twice!! Fool me once....shame on you. Fool me twice.....shame on me!!

Nothing good ever comes from the Governor's office of Massachusetts. I have been so traumatized, I don't even know who the Governor of Maine is. I don't know that I could go through the disappointment again. Swifty was by far the worst. Put the possibility of a woman in the Governor's office back about 500 years.

Anyhow, my rant kind of went off topic there. Anyone else not able to watch the debates for fear of going off the deep end?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Politics and Family

A family member has announced their affiliation with McCain/Palin. Unsolicited of course!! It took much effort not to dash off a glib reply to that. I figured even if I said it as a funny, it would probably turn into a serious conversation, and then an argument. So best to just stay clear of that discussion.

This is why I don't announce or impose my opinion on people. I mean you do what you think is right, there is no need to announce or argue about it.

But seriously, come on McCain/Palin LOL. This must be about to cause MANY family feuds.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Should Make Me Worry About Myself

I was browsing my fave blogs, when I happened upon some one's confession of an event that still makes them worry about themselves. I think we all have these things in my life. Here are some of mine, as I felt the topic alone was worthy:

Things that do or should have made me worry about myself:

  1. This was completely unintentional when I was a toddler. Really, it was, I have thought a lot about whether I may have intentionally done this. I thought my guinea pig was dancing for me. Note, radiators get hot and they are at toddler height. Watch your kids with pets around these things. I was horrified when I realized what I had done.

  2. Drank a whole mug of Captain Morgans straight during college on a bet.

  3. Let someone I didn't realize that I didn't know into my booth during an all nighter cashier job at a gas station. Then after I realized I didn't know him, but that he knew some friends, proceeded to get high with him. Nothing happened, but not quite the brightest moment in my whole life.

  4. Which would lead to, leaving the gas station unattended to go to a frat party. My ex boyfriend was lucky enough to get me the job, AND the phone call the next early AM morning to let him know it was robbed. Yeah, I was an asshole.

  5. Walking out on more than a few jobs. Actually, I would have been more worried if I hadn't LOL. Especially the gas station job where the "boys" who worked there tried to look up my shorts when I stocked the cigarettes. Lovely.

  6. The time I threatened to throw my boss down the empty elevator shaft, and then get in the elevator and press the down button the next time he screwed with my work. This was the time I realized it may be time for a career change. In my defense, he didn't understand the correctly done depreciation schedule, so he redid it, overwrote the right one, then I had to point out to him dividing by fractions in the last year makes assets go into negative numbers, and he was a few million off in his depreciation estimate. Mine was right, and if he had just asked.......thank God he made about twice my salary.

  7. Related to six, I was asked if I wanted his job. I said no, they fired him, I had to do his and my job for my same salary. Really started to question my judgement and strategic skills at this point. And no, he never did report or complain about the threat of death on my part.

  8. My reconciling with my step mother EVER!!! What the F was I thinking????

  9. The fact that I did not take the cats away from my father, who neglected them and allowed them all to die alone one way or another. I should have just taken them.

  10. Went out on more pity dates with creepy guys than I would like to remember. That is no favor to anyone.

  11. Used to have unkind thoughts about one particular old secretary. I used to call her leathery cheeks (um, not to her face). She unreasonably annoyed me.

  12. The fact that people I don't like want to call me their friend, and people I do like usually don't want to be my friend:( What is the deal with that? My husband has the same problem.

  13. The one time I felt truly helpless was when I thought corporate America was the only way I could make money. Now it seems to be the only way you can get truly screwed. What took me so long?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Would Be So Much Funnier, if It Wasn't So Accurate


I could only grab the address unfortunately. Go to it, it's so worth it!!

Karla 2008

Due to my horror movie mania, (it should a sickness with it's own medical terminology), I have been watching all sorts of movies. Recently, I watched a movie named "Karla" realizing it was probably based on awful stories, not realizing it was based on actual events until I ran across the true life story on the ID channel's "Wicked Attraction". No explanations were found for either's extreme violent, abusive, or homicidal nature.

Karla's claim was that she had no choice, but she was never imprisoned nor never did not have the support of her family. She participated in the rape and killing of her own sister!! Geez, her poor parents and his poor parents. Also the poor parents of the girls who were raped, killed, and tortured after the sister's death. How do you ever get over it?

These "people" apparently both had very nice parents (read a book review since, may have been more than a little angst between the mother and male piece of shit). At least the stories did not find anything unusual in their backgrounds, except that the male found out at 15-16 that his "father" was not really his "father". Now we could all argue the terminology of father, but they did not imply there was any abuse or any real melt down regarding that. Hell, I have a nephew in the same situation. I am not saying he's the model of a psychologically healthy male, but it would completely take me back if he did anything even close to this. I am pretty sure he thinks his family sucks however. And, sadly, he would be right in many ways.

If anything though, I think it's made him want to be a better and good parent (and husband). He actually has two children now. I don't know that he even knows who his "father" is. My brother in law is the closest he has come to a father figure, and my brother in law has been involved in his life and continues this after the divorce. My nephew got a raw deal in so many ways, but I never imagine or have seen evidence that he would ever intentionally hurt anyone!!!

My husband's dad deserted his family when my husband was five. He is still alive, and I have actually seen him in a store with us. He doesn't even acknowledge his children. Yet my husband has one of the most loving natures that I know.

What happens with these people? Can people just be born this way without an environmental influence of some sort? Must be. My father in law had two adopted children from his first marriage that came out horribly in their nature, even though he sought to take care of them. It finally came to a head when furniture and cars were being sold off for drugs. Still he tried to be there for them when he could, even right up to the end of his life. But they never were nor became nice people. There were some influences there including my father in law's bipolar disease that cause a lot of hospitalization during his earlier life. I don't know what his ex wife was like at all. He never said anything one way or the other about her. That's always been a mystery to me, how can one person have two bad seeds and then four really great kids. Perhaps the absence of him can explain it with the first two in a little way.

These things scare the crap out of me, and would if I ever had children. Especially since normal kids can do things that are REALLY wrong in innocence. I recently also watched the Dahmer movie (I will have to look that up) which chronicles Jeffrey's father's experience and exploration during this time. Someone who thinks that much about what they might have contributed, was probably a pretty decent father. Further, I always thought it was admirable that he still loved his son after he knew. I don't know that I would be able to do that. Very good movie, but it won't explain it. What could really? I mean if you think about it and you are a "normal" person, what explanation would make you go "oh, okay, now I get why he tortured, killed, and later drank out of the skulls of people". Perhaps horrible abuse, but then you would need to believe that they went insane. Wouldn't you?

These stories, movies, real events really worry me about what surrounds me every day. Recently a teenage girl was almost abducted on her bike right here in the town where I live. Less than a mile away, a man was murdered by his long time friend during some drinking and drugs. There is no place that you can go that is "really" safe.

When I walk down these largely abandoned roads, I am aware of what I can use to strike or maim someone if they slow down. I don't get close to cars to give out directions, and say I just don't know. I don't allow people to stop and help me if I get a flat tire on the highway. If it isn't outright a police car flagging me down, I am not stopping.

Bottom line, there are some sick and evil people out there. They can come in both genders as well.