Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Should Make Me Worry About Myself

I was browsing my fave blogs, when I happened upon some one's confession of an event that still makes them worry about themselves. I think we all have these things in my life. Here are some of mine, as I felt the topic alone was worthy:

Things that do or should have made me worry about myself:

  1. This was completely unintentional when I was a toddler. Really, it was, I have thought a lot about whether I may have intentionally done this. I thought my guinea pig was dancing for me. Note, radiators get hot and they are at toddler height. Watch your kids with pets around these things. I was horrified when I realized what I had done.

  2. Drank a whole mug of Captain Morgans straight during college on a bet.

  3. Let someone I didn't realize that I didn't know into my booth during an all nighter cashier job at a gas station. Then after I realized I didn't know him, but that he knew some friends, proceeded to get high with him. Nothing happened, but not quite the brightest moment in my whole life.

  4. Which would lead to, leaving the gas station unattended to go to a frat party. My ex boyfriend was lucky enough to get me the job, AND the phone call the next early AM morning to let him know it was robbed. Yeah, I was an asshole.

  5. Walking out on more than a few jobs. Actually, I would have been more worried if I hadn't LOL. Especially the gas station job where the "boys" who worked there tried to look up my shorts when I stocked the cigarettes. Lovely.

  6. The time I threatened to throw my boss down the empty elevator shaft, and then get in the elevator and press the down button the next time he screwed with my work. This was the time I realized it may be time for a career change. In my defense, he didn't understand the correctly done depreciation schedule, so he redid it, overwrote the right one, then I had to point out to him dividing by fractions in the last year makes assets go into negative numbers, and he was a few million off in his depreciation estimate. Mine was right, and if he had just asked.......thank God he made about twice my salary.

  7. Related to six, I was asked if I wanted his job. I said no, they fired him, I had to do his and my job for my same salary. Really started to question my judgement and strategic skills at this point. And no, he never did report or complain about the threat of death on my part.

  8. My reconciling with my step mother EVER!!! What the F was I thinking????

  9. The fact that I did not take the cats away from my father, who neglected them and allowed them all to die alone one way or another. I should have just taken them.

  10. Went out on more pity dates with creepy guys than I would like to remember. That is no favor to anyone.

  11. Used to have unkind thoughts about one particular old secretary. I used to call her leathery cheeks (um, not to her face). She unreasonably annoyed me.

  12. The fact that people I don't like want to call me their friend, and people I do like usually don't want to be my friend:( What is the deal with that? My husband has the same problem.

  13. The one time I felt truly helpless was when I thought corporate America was the only way I could make money. Now it seems to be the only way you can get truly screwed. What took me so long?

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Anonymous said...

We "loved" a peep, a bunny and a kitten to death when we were little. Why did it take three deaths for the "grown-ups" to stop handing us baby animals?????