Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Dysfunctional Family Party Games

Ugh, got this family "reunion" party coming up. I am making myself go to see my cousins, though I really don't know how fun even that will be. I am hoping it will be fun, but there is so much sh&t going on within the family, that I imagine there will be mostly tension. Plus open bar with some of these folks, that's just asking for it. Especially with this many hurt feelings and grudges rolling about.

So dysfunctional family party games:

  1. Drinking game where someone else catches a dirty glare towards a relative. The recipient needs to take a drink when tagged. Other players can instigate the dirty look by loud remarks on during conversation with the glaree. It's part of the fun.

  2. Get relatives to rush to the bathroom to check on themselves by acting like you are inconspiciously staring at an item of clothing or their teeth.

  3. They make mad lib books for this. Have your table play the dysfunctional family mad lib book.

  4. Everytime an estranged relative passes by, drop something and see how many times you can get someone to pick something up for you.

  5. Whose relative got the most "peace" gifts game. Hands down, I think my monster would win. Let's see if she brings the fur coat, the new car, et that she has gotten lately. I think I would win this game, but perhaps not. Can be men or women, but I suspect it's usually the men placating the women:)

  6. Mirror relatives movements for as long as you can before they notice.

  7. Scavenger hunts that include picture taking. Aunt at the perfect "sloshiness"----video gets extra psoints with audio. Any conversations about other relatives from those that are holding grudges (will be more helpful if they are drunk and unaware of taping at that moment.

  8. Documenting snarky and catty comments during the evening, and having votes on the best ones!! Points for someone brave enough to hand out the award to the winner.

  9. Mud or jello wrestling with your nemesis!! Okay, that might happen sans the mud or jello at this party with someone just going for my hair. That's what I am afraid of. That is, I am afraid I lack the weight to fuck that bitch up! I think we all know who we are talking about here.

  10. Shocking news. Who has the best secret about them or someone else (they do not need to name the person, but the person needs to be involved in the event). People must be shocked and not know about what they are talking about too .

  11. Charactictures of the person that you dislike most there. Winner has best look alike or is recognizable by certain features.

  12. Who can get away with the best double edged compliment? Must be witnessed by at least one other player.

  13. Who avoids the most nasty or pointed questions about stuff they don't want to answer to? Who has the most creative ways of getting out of this?

***Who can bring up the most annoying topic, that others can't say what they want to it in front of the others?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What All Serial Killers Should Look LIke

Shouldn't all serial killers, rapists and phedophiles look like this? It would make it so much easier to try and avoid them, wouldn't it?

I don't know what this guy orginally did, but here is his next horrible act, anyway. Que surprise?

I am all for free expression and everything, and especially when you have Hitler tatooed on your chest, it gives me a bit of a heads up!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Troubles

Not really for today, just something to blog about as I stretch:

-----Husband billed some electronics on a new card, didn't tell me, so he could save interest for six months. Guess what though? They had the wrong address, we are about to refinance, and it hit our credit report. Excellent. Killes husband and stuffed his remains in a garbage bag in the basement (just kidding, he cooks too well)

-----Husband's car still has no inspection sticker. Instead he has taken the sticker completely off, and seems intent on keeping it that way until someone stops him and puts him in jail. I will not bail his ass out at that point.

-----Family "reunion" coming up and hope all goes well. I don't know what we will be able to talk about, as apparently all sorts of family scandals are happening, which isn't normally appropriate topics at parties where you are surrounded by others in the know LOL.

-----Husband got in trouble with his boss lately, and he was being a bit arrogant to him. Husband was wrong, not good on the first month and a half on a new job that you want to keep. He has trouble accepting that it sucks working in corporate america, there are politics, you have bosses you might feel are less qualified than you, and that's just the way it is and will continue to be. Why does he think I got the fuck out when the opportunity presented itself for me LOL?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Davis, Rest In Peace

What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people? Whenever a story like this comes out with the tearful boyfriend or husband, why is it I always want to believe this isn't going to be the case this time?

And we don't KNOW this is the case yet, but it would appear that the police have acquired some fine evidence against the "boyfriend". Plus there was an interview in which another girlfriend also with his child (had he never heard of birth control for Gods sake, much easier than having to plan the murder of the mother and child, one would think) reported that he stalked her.

I should not be surprised anymore when estrangement seems to rear it's head in almost everything. It seems Jessie was estranged from her father and brother (or them from her) after a particularly painful divorce. It seems it is everywhere with everyone sometimes, but so few people talk about it.

I feel so bad for the dad and brother, as it looks like they never meant for the estrangement to be permanent, and those feelings weren't acted upon before this event happened. So there will need to be another way to find closure to the death of a daughter and sister. (and grandchild and niece).

In any event, a sad story all around for a mother who looks like she very much enjoyed her children, and her son loved her. Who knows why whoever the creep was who took her life did it? Child support, didn't want a child, didn't want her to break off the relationship? It's very sick and very sad. It sounds like the women in this guys life endangered themselves by doing the right thing by their children and themselves by breaking off with him.

I would hope that any women in danger, take head, and move out of state if you have to. Take action and protect yourself from creeps like this.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fishing

Thank God for the predefined topics I give myself. So now I don't have to give any thought on this glorious day, where I am currently all sweaty from weight lifting, and bike riding and soon to train dogs. I can focus on other people out there:)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Guilty Pleasures

Okay, so here is my list of guilty pleasures:)

  1. Horror movies, horror movies, horror movies. Especially off beat classics that tend toward the weird and bizarre that I discover by accident (Hotel Hell for instance).

  2. Dirty Romance novels especially by Lisa Kleypas, though it seems she has cleaned it up lately. Any way, she really seems to get the mood going though. I like her "historical" novels more than her more modern stories.

  3. Novels that are horror, of course. Favorite authors are Dean Koontz, John Saul, Stephen King, and more that I am not thinking of.

  4. Every now and then, I watch a white trash show like Wife Swap. It fascinates me what people will do for money.

  5. I need to be REALLY bored to do this, but I will watch those awful movies on lifetime sometimes if I am not in the mood to do anything, but nothing good is on. Heaven forbid I watch something educational like my husband.

  6. Make over shows whether it be house or human being made over. I love design, color, organization. I am a sucker for all of those shows, especially on a lazy Sunday.

  7. Cuddling with my dogs in bed between the hours of 9 to 11am (keep in mind I am up at 5am doing chores and such for my business, so I am not THAT lazy). Active cuddling where I am patchkeying (sp?) them and playing little games like "get the toes" with them. It's a nice time in the morning, and I am usually watching....

  8. The Today show. I have been watching this almost every morning since I don't know when. Course, I wonder what the F has happened to actual news lately, since so much of it seems to be advertising something these days as opposed to reporting on something.

  9. Blogging, I love writing down my thoughts and feelings. Not so much for an audience, but for myself so I can look them up by category later, see where I have been and where I am now.

  10. Sun tanning, though I do try to be safe. However, I love being outside in the sun whether it's playing with the dogs or reading a good book with my bathing suit on and a glass of lemonade.

  11. Wine, I love wine. I try to cut it out all of the time, but I love it so much. Why can't they come up with a non alchohol wine that tastes like wine?

  12. My mocha latte in the morning, which my husband figured out how to make many years ago. Now I can't even enjoy a Starbucks as my husband's is so much better.

  13. Clothes and shoes. I love them. I have a lot of them in smaller sizes still that are classic and I can't wait to wear again:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Woopee Wednesday

So my "weight" has been going down slowly until this week, but my inches have been going down much faster. And this week, I have lost a pound a day basically. I have been exercising for at least an hour everyday, either riding my bike ten to twenty miles, or doing kick boxing and weight lifting like today.

I have been eating healthier, but working more in how many additional calories I burn rather than limiting my calories. That seems to be working much better for me than limiting and working out like a maniac. A big more healthy too, as I seem to be getting more of the things I need. My stamina and energy level is way up.

I feel good, much more healthy than two months ago. So I want some one to find me and kick my ever loving ass if I ever stop exercising again. Seriously, hurt me but good. It's so easy, and it's so ridicoulous that I let my weight spike up like that.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gosh Darned Mortgage Cos

Ugh, as you know we have had two horrible years financially wise with what's going on in the mortgage industry in reference to my husband's job. And it is right at this time when we have a big nut to chew on our own mortgage due to a couple of risks we took:)

Well, at the end of this year, (unless we refinance) our mortgage jumps from a good rate to 9.75% minimum. At the time, we had no idea that Rob's current company would turn belly up (they were doing good for a long while, and we were hoping he would retire with them HA!!), and so thought we would have been long out of this mortgage. But stuff happened, the refinancing was delayed as our debt soared, of course.

So now we are dealing with the stress of refinancing, but we are most likely going to be fine. I just hate this, and can't wait until it's all done and I know what the damage is!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Whining and Food For Thought

So on my awesome ocean side bike ride today, meanderings (that you can call whinings) were going through my brain, and so I am just going to regurgitate them here so they no longer haunt my more delightful adventures! By the way, next time I take a bike ride or do something fun and don't bring a camera, feel free to slap me upside the head.

---Okay, there is a dream that I haven't posted. It disturbs me because I don't want a reconciliation with my S Donor as my mind is probably never going to change to believing that he is any kind of human that I want to be involved with. So the following dream really bothers me. I am antiqueing. My husband and I find this one of a kind chair that is modern with bakelite on it from the 50s or 60s. We buy it, and then the son of the guy who made it was just a bit late, and offers to buy it from us. We really don't want to. Then S Donor walks in. The monster has died and he really needs me and is crying. So I fold and forgive him. Ugh, and then I wake up and think to myself "when are you ever fucking going to learn". So there, regurgitated and gone.

----Other thing is when I was told about the monster's recent auto accident, the person paused on the other side of the phone as if expecting me to ask about her condition. I am not heartless, I hope she's not hurt or anything. Really, it's none of my business though. It's like I hope some miscellaneous stranger is not hurt. Only this stranger has been horrible to me, and has intentionally tried to hurt me, so I don't think I need to be there for her or the S Donor. In fact, I would be an idiot to waste my time. What would be the point of me being there? Would people believe that I suddenly liked this woman? If it was me, I wouldn't want to see or hear from her should I be laid up. I certaintly would not want anyone to tell the S Donor, because I would have no wish to be upset while I was physically hurt or see him. So there, that is out there. I hope she heals up well (that is if there even was a car accident, and instead it's not like my S Donor perhaps finally had the good taste not to throw himself a Father's Day celebration or it's a cover up for yet another divorce in the family). Or a cover up for the fact that he's alienated from so many people now----which brings me to.....

----The monster. She wanted her side of the family involved in everything, but it seems to me that she systematically tried to destroy relationships in our family. She does this under the guise of sacrifice. First there was the invitation for me to live with them, as she wouldn't want "her kids" to not have some place to live later on. Then the abuse both emotional and physical. Then an estrangement. Then a systematic bad mouthing of me to my relatives and especially to my grandparents. I knew about this as my grandmother jumped on me for a doll that she thought I sold that my aunt had given to me, and there was only two people that could have put that in her mind together. It never occurred to me what they were doing with my grandparents at the time, or more importantly their really sick motivation for it. Why would a parent or step seek to alienate their child from their grandparents, aunts and uncles?

Then there was the making sure her kids always did stuff for my grandparents. The talking and making fun of them behind their back that was spurred on by the monster. The exhaulting of her kids grandparents, and the comparisons to my poor old grandmother that occaisionally might have dropped a crumb on the floor. Finally, the exhile of my grandmother from her last holiday gatherings because she might be upset going back to the rest home. Nice.

Most recently, and some of this is speculation, the invitation to S donor's brother to build an apartment downstairs in their summer house, so that he could stay with them and bond with S donor. The monster's predictable campaign against him and talking behind his back to me and other family members. Suddenly, my uncle is no longer up here because he "broke" a leg for about a year now. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Could it be there is another family rift there, cause he loved coming up to the house.

Then there is her son's wife's parents. First they were to be admired for all their worldly possessions. Big steps were taken to impress them. Weird holiday with servants, treating them to the White Barn, et al. When perhaps the Monster realized that she could never materially (and in my opinion humanity wise) live up to them, again the campaign started talking behind their back, and why she did not get along with them and blah blah blah.

Course the relationship between her sons and their father (the monster's first husband, who is probably more thankful than ever that he bailed) has always been discouraged and maligned.
Again, I don't blame her for the damage, but she was definately a participant. Johny, tell her what she has won. I wonder all the time, how does the monster live with herself? Does she ever wonder when the lightening bolt will appear and strike her down?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, Here It Is Father's Day

It's almost like I feel the relief of the S Donor pressence not being one street over. And although it's irrational on so many levels, I don't need to feel the hurt of just one more family holiday where I am not in attendance and my existence not even acknowledged. Course, that could be going on somewhere else LOL. Just knowing I can enjoy the day without thinking "is that them, is that car them, are those people them" is sheer bliss.

To my stepfather, my E Donor's husband. Jimmy thank you for being so very kind when I knew you. Thank you for loving HER through thick and thin. I am glad she has someone for her. Mostly thank you for not becoming involved in the situation no matter how you feel about it.

To my father in law, thank you for everything you have done, including taking me in when I was nineteen and being so happy about my new business. I like talking doggies with you. You are a sweet man!! Thanks most of all for loving my husband so much.

To my Italian Grandfather. Hi gramps, I hope you and gram are together again. Oh, yes and I hope you find Dicky, your canary, up there too!! When you look in on me, I hope what you see makes you happy. I love and miss both you and gram. I am sorry for the situation that probably pains you:( I love you however, and know despite the fact that you most likely strongly do not agree with me, you love me too!! Miss you and the boison berry tree.

To my Finish Grandfather. Didn't know you that well, and kind of happy about that. However, I hope you found peace or happiness after death.

To my father, enoughs been said on this blog. I wish you were someone that I wanted to have a relationship with, but that will never happen. I have resigned myself to that a year and a half ago, and probably long before that but did not face the reality of our "relationship", which was really that of two different strangers. I hope life is as you wanted it, and that you have a nice day. Just never include me in any of your days.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Cancelled!!!

My S donor has a summer house exactly one street over from me. For like the last twenty years he has had father's day at his house. I, obviously, have not "been in attendance" for a couple of years now. Last year when everyone must have known we were not talking, I was a bit surprised that he still picked that day for a celebration. Course he is a grandfather too, and perhaps he is able to do a little bit better at that. That is until any one of the girls starts having their own thoughts or opinions, or God forbid reaches puberty. Gosh wonder what the stepB is going to mandate about their, er, feminine hygiene products at that point, since he was one of the instigators in the great "smuggle out of the house" project when I was 19.

Any ways, mean thought there. So this year, I was wondering, is he going to invite everyone up again? I mean the only ones that really go or enjoy it anymore are him, the stepmonster, my aunt and uncles, and her sister and kids. They see each other all the time. It's become apparent that other family members just don't enjoy ye old household there anymore due to attitude and the general uncomfortableness of the house et all. Kind of cramped with crappy company, and better things to do that day. It has become an obligation rather than an enjoyable event. Plus no one ever understood why F day there anyway? It's like the most crowded and trafficky day of the whole year here. Trying to leave or come here is a nightmare unless you live here like I do NOW .

So even though I wondered, I was surprised when I received conformation on this from a guest this weekend. Apparently the monster has had a car accident. That is not unusual for her by the way, there hasn't been a car that she had that hasn't suffered. That's saying something as she needs to trade them in every three years at least. However, I do sort of doubt the tale as to why it's not being done this year. I have an uncle that had an apartment at that house, and they weren't getting along. Apparently we no longer see him as he "broke his leg".

These are all just suspicions on my part knowing the players. And it is sort of with relief that I may be able to note, the S donor lies to others not just me, even when the truth of the matter is obvious. Ignore the truth and it will go away. I should make that their family motto.

Wonder if the "auto accident" will extend to family reunion time.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday MeMe Tagged by Gretty

  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.

  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
  • Oh, and I was tagged by Gretty.

Funny how you can worry yourself as you don't know eight other bloggers to tag LOL. But I will try.

  1. I have a hard time watching a horror movie in which an animal gets hurt (or any movie, but I stop Dances with Wolves at a certain part so it can remain my movie). Just rented a promising horror flick called "Bad Moon". Werewolf looked so bad that I could admire the German Shepard Thor as they got into a couple of tiffs. Figured it just looked like some random guy in a furry bite suit. Then came the part where they thought the dog was doing the bitework on hapless hikers, and the animal control and pole came out.....that was the end for me. Sucks as it looked like a decent movie. Not saying it was the best acted movie I ever saw, but it looked promising. Except I couldn't watch Thor go off and get his head cut off for rabies suspicion, even though I know "Thor" is a dog actor. People being hacked to bits, I have no problem with.

  2. I fall in love with every canine client I have. Okay, maybe there are two that I haven't "loved", but only liked.

  3. I have three hairs that there is an all out war against. I am secretly afraid I will be like third cousin Susan (who was a lovely lady by the way----she died many many years ago) who had a wart on her chin with three different hairs of three different hair colors.

  4. My dog, Jack, is not chasing his tail but the pink thing (aka penis) that occaisionally makes an appearance. I think he thinks a little pink alien lives inside him.

  5. I may possibly be a liberal, but I vote more business like which usually results in Republican. I don't believe in labels anyway, and so just addressing it annoys me.

  6. I try to make a difference, and then get frustrated and stop because I feel all that work will go for nothing. Pick an issue.

  7. My dog, Leon, snuggles under the covers with me every night since he was a puppy.

  8. Whenever I watch the first Jurasic Park, and I hear loud noises in the woods, I think there is a dinasour out there going to get me!!

Okay, I don't know eight other bloggers to tag, but I am going to give it serious thought tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to get this posted, and I see other cheateres out there. I SEE YOU!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Heart wrenching story on the Today show of a soldier and his team who came across some goat herders. They were in enemy territory, so they knew it was a high probabiity if they let them go they would be attacked. The other option was to execute them.

The team took a vote and decided to let them go. 40 to 100 came back after this team of four soldiers. This guy was the only survivor.

What a choice? The cost, this guy was the only survivor. His best friend was killed as he risked his life to try and get a cell phone signal.

War is not pretty at all. The people who did help save this guy life's are now in jeopardy as, you know, these are country men whose collegues are not likely to be very happy that he helped out this American soldier.
This soldier and his unit could have also gone to jail for war crimes had they executed these goat herders. But the survivor said if that meant they were still alive, it probably would have been worth it. Things no one should have to live with or think about. Sigh.
Beautiful day, but now I am bummed out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Scary Racism

You know, I kid my husband all the time. He is Jewish, and he's always talking about racism particular to the Jewish. I kid him because, of course, other people have suffered racism too.

An incident happened today, which was ironic because recently I was reminding him of a time I was scared for him. It was a long time ago when we lived in Worcester MA. I was transporting a rocking chair and air conditioner from my deceased grandfather's home (on my mother's side both) to her apartment in the low income district that catered to the elderly. So this was not a "good" neighborhood.

A cop spotted us in the old crap duster. He pulled us over, but instead of getting my (I was the driver) info, they ordered my husband (the passenger) out. See they thought he was hispanic. When I angrily asked (at the age of 19) what they thought they were doing they yelled at me "well we don't know who he is". I was like, well I do. Anyway, nothing happened of it, but it was pretty scary. And probably the only reason nothing happened was that they realized these weren't a couple of hispanic kids, who likely have no resources, but just someone in a crappy car in a crappy part of the neighborhood.

So today my husband comes home with a recent chapter. He was in Sanford Maine before a business appointment. He was a few minutes early, and saw an interesting old family plot (we got a lot of miscellaneous cemetaries scattered around the areas) to check out. He got out and checked it out, when a police car slowly pulled down the driveway of a house. Then, of course, the police came back. (Note: the police do this a lot in this area, even though it's the middle of nowhere, it can kind of be disconcerting anyway, especially if you are just about seeing the sites).

So Robert goes to approach the police officer, who then screams for him to get back into his car. So fine, he returns back to his car. Info is provided, and Robert shows him his customer list and business card as proof that he should be in the area (do we still live in the US?).

So the officer goes in, and calls it in or whatever. Comes back, and now he's chatty with Robert. So Rob goes "oh, are you going to keep the business card", because that didn't get returned back. Then he explains that he doesn't do mortgages for business, he wholesales to businesses that sell mortgages to individuals.

So this Sargent of Sanford ME goes "Goldenburn (fake name there), is that a Jew name?" At which point, Rob just freezes up and is taken aback. And thankfully, he just keeps his cool wanting to get out of there safely. And then the guy goes "figures" and walks away.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Favorite Television Shows

  1. The Today Show just about every morning. The husband and I have a little crush on Al Roker. Katie was always my husband's crush (though he won't admit it) before she jumped ship .

  2. Two and a half men though it has been getting a bit stale lately. Some good ones though.

  3. King of Queens can be hilarious!!

  4. Heroes, though the season is over now:(

  5. Desperate Housewives used to be good, and now that has gone down hill a bit. Though the Gabby story line is getting more interesting. I don't know how afraid I am for Gabby, more afraid for the guy once she gets over her hurt!! Then Carlos is getting back into the picture I am betting. That is if they are renewed for another season. This is really a poor man's sex in the city but with married ladies. And not half as interesting, but it does fill a void for the time being.

  6. Nip/Tuck's new season best be on soon!! Jeepers, I can't stand it.

  7. Dexter's new season too, by the way (though I wasn't going to do the cable shows) The books are not half as good as the show in my opinion (an interesting change).

  8. For the last time, the Sopranos will be airing this June 2nd with the finale:(

  9. Still Standing is a funny show, and I am not sure if I am catching reruns when I do catch it, as it never seems to be on the same time or station anymore. Really thought that was a funny show.

  10. Tudors, is okay. I keep watching it, though I am a little luke warm on it these days. Not the same excitement of Rome at all. The actor that plays the king is pretty hot, and he does a good job, I don't know what it is that is missing.

  11. Fraiser, we still watch the reruns late night. This show is a classic.

  12. Clean Sweap or House, I forget which one. The one with the lady that dresses with a flower in her hair and is very loud and bossy. Love her. That show is so fun. Also pretty much any show in that category (Trading Spaces, Small Space Design)

  13. What Not to Wear, I can't get enough of this show. This is like window shopping in New York for me without the buyers remorse LOL.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The sun is shining, my weight is going down again. Life is good, but on Wednesdays I try to scare up some kind of bad news.

Well, the husband pointed out that there is legislation going through that is now going to threaten the whole mortgage industry. Smaller brokers are not going to be able to charge closing costs as they have been. This will hit the bottom line of both large and small brokers, but it will be the small brokers hurt the hardest.

I don't know what people who need non-prime mortgages are going to do. I think they are moving people from the frying pan into the fire myself. The effect it's going to have isn't what the politicians who have their head up their ass (most of the time) are thinking. I guess it's like any other industry, the dishonesty of a few are going to hurt many.

Until recently, my weight had spiked back up likely due to muscle gain and water retention. I know it wasn't my fat coming back due to my tape measure. And the clothes fitting thing, those things never lie. Most of us go by the scale, so when that puppy is not reacting as expected it tends to derail your commitment even when you know what is going on.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh, Another Observation Leaked Out Today, and I want Tomorrows post to be on another topic

In my husband and I's very short venture into the tea business, my S donor and Monster used to like to "help" us out by ordering product which I sold to them at cost. Now before you say the S donor was trying to help us out, he did this shit to the E donor when she had her business. In accounting, there is a gross profit that you charge customers for overhead et. What the S donor and monster realized was that they had a cheap source of gifts.
The monster also wanted (so she did not have to pay retail) me to buy for her (through my sales tax license) a certain chai that she liked. Just pay retail bitch!! It wasn't something that I carried, it's goes bad, AND there would be something wrong or something for the monster to bitch about, I assure you of that. To my credit, I always just fluffed that off and NEVER did it for her.
The S donor even insisted on us doing a tea party for his school secretary, although we told him we didn't want to and weren't set up for that. But he nagged and nagged, and when we came up with a price that would include profit and we thought he would refuse, he didn't. We had to rent china and tables, and it just wasn't what we were doing. We also had to stay there through it.

It really sucked. Then there was the time the S donor realized he could acquire part of our Peanuts (snoopy and charlie brown peanuts) as his gift for the monster's nephew. Cause we are just a store where they can come and pick up stuff. You know, with a little planning, it's pretty easy these days to find what you want either in stores or on the internet. Instead of waiting that morning, calling your daughter who was on a personal errand, and insisting she come home, open up her house, so you can pick up some stuff that you have no right to.

Misc Thoughts Rolling Around Part II

Also, truthfully, the other reason for posting these thoughts is that it's hard for me to come up with topics of family estrangement. So when I do, or I have these thoughts floating around, I feel duty bound to pony them up for other people that may be going through this. My thoughts have been entirely too cheerful lately and not wanting to dwell on this . At times, it is still important to purge this stuff out though, as it seems the healing goes faster than if I don't. Again, I don't know what it is about writing it out, and talking about it to people that are strangers to me, but in similar circumstances, but it does undeniably help me.

Also, I have that reunion coming up on June 30th, and I want to regurgitate as much now as I can. I am hoping not to drive some people into a rage close to the event, so might as well get these out now....though the avoiding thing has not helped me out so much in the past.

----Confession, I told the monster and the S donor the reason that I did not want her representing us at the sale of our house (as if the Cunt was even entitled to that) was to avoid a family confrontation if it didn't go well. The truth is, I didn't want her involved in the fucking sale of my house period.
----When I first told my S donor about my wishes, all he said was that I could tell her (which I planned to already, was just giving him a heads up) and that she would be upset. After the exchange happened, where the monster said I "humilated" her by deciding this, and that I ruined her marriage to the S donor for the last eighteen years (hey happy anniversary a$$holes by the way), then my S donor said "well she wouldn't charge you the commission", like that mattered. But in this side of the family's eye the only thing THAT DOES MATTER IS MONEY. So it would never occur to them that my mind wouldn't be changed or that dollars/cents had never entered my thought process, as to not consider that would never be a part of the S donor's or monster's thought process. I hope when they die, it's clutching what they truly do love and value----dollars and material posessions.
----Somehow the monster's son (and I suspect it was because the in-laws had gifted them the Boston Condo) avoided using his own mother as his representative in selling his house, but that was unacceptable for me to do. You know, because I owe the monster so much after she physically and emotionally abused me. Clearly, I owed her the sale of my house.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Misc Thoughts That Have Not Been Blogged

I want to blog these thoughts only to have them for later contemplation, as I will forget them later if I do not blog them down.

----The monster hates her son's in laws. Normally this might be totally acceptable in another family, but it's always been fascinating to me that everyone who is not directly in the monster's inner circle must be hated. My dad's brother, his mother, me, my mother that she has never met, her ex, her sons in-laws, and I am sure someday his wife. It's like she gets jealous and no one can have interactions with people that are "hers" except her.

---While "they" (cause the S donor needs to feel every single way the monster does) hate the in-laws, they also jump through hoops to try to impress them (and no one else that they claim to like). There was the reception where it was made clear (this was in addition to the reception and wedding in Sweden) this was to impress the in-law parents. The trips where they treated them to the White Barn Inn, a well known fine dining establishment in the area. The weird servants that were at one Christmas or Thanksgiving gathering with nothing to do. I think it's more jealousy and perhaps hurt feelings that have caused back lash at the in-laws. Probably also the fact that the monster's son seems to (gasp) like them. They barely ever tried to have any relationship with my husband's parents (which was fine with me, and probably them, quite frankly but they "liked" them). It's that whole money thing again. It is king in their country. They are very easily impressed by the green paper stuff, and any other form that it comes in.

---Oh, it's the monster and S donor's anniversary this week. I used to love when the S donor would give ME marriage advice, meanwhile I have a successful marriage, and he.....well he's two for two IMO. The thing is, he will never divorce, it will always be the spouse that needs to divorce him, as he will hang on until it's deader than a door nail. Plus there is all the money problems that would ensue for the both of them (see above as far as monetary importance to the both of them LOL).

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Forgot Jack's Blog and Photo Links

My Dog, Jack's, Blog---You can check his "issue" posts on there to see what I mean LOL. Jack is not for the faint of heart. He's a great dog though, and very strikingly loyal.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh Another Husbandism

Oh yeah, the husband came up with another piece of wisdom to share wid y'all. How could I have married such a conservative close minded person? And how can this person be a really nice caring guy, albiet having such screwed up beliefs?

Or was I raised to "liberally" by parents that did not even believe in the idealogies that I took to heart. I was so raised not to be racist, sexist, and not to judge based on sexual going ons in ones own life (as long as consenting adults, blah blah blah, no one is hurt). I have always really believed this and continue to.

Howard Stern interviewed Martine Rosenblatt who invented satellite radio. Now my husband and I are both pretty huge Howard Stern fans, we own Sirius Stock, and we subscribe to Howard on Demand because we do not have satellite radio as yet. BUT WE WILL, AND WE FIRMLY BELIEVE OTHERS WILL COME AS WELL, JUST LIKE CABLE. In the meantime, we have a budget and don't have money right now for additional luxuries, we should probably cancel our premium cable channels since I use Netflix (gotta wait for the Dexter new season to come and go first, not to mention the last two episodes of the Sopranos).

So this guy (now gal) is fascinating. First of all, he invented much of the more sophisticated technology that goes into satellite radio. Oh, the interview was such a move to get the info out and promote Sirius, but it was all good. Martin(e) has been married for 48 years to the same woman, and has a cute daughter with her. Fairly recently he let her know that he wanted to be a woman, and (after I am sure a period of surprise) she was good with it and wanted him to be happy. They still have a sexual relationship, and when Howard asked if she was now a lesbian, she said something like no, I love my husband for who he is so I guess I am a Martineism. I thought that was pretty good, and everyone exclaimed that was what true love is.

Is that the end of the story? Oh no, this guy's daughter got sick, and there was no cure. So he started up the bio company that made the cure that saved his daughter, and it trades for over 60.00 a share now!! Do you know how hard it is to get a bio company to perform like that? Not only did he come up with a cure, he came up with a viable nother company.

Clearly this guy is a genuis, with a great career good family life. So we are talking to the tenants about it, and my husband says "this guy is so fascinating and such a genius, isn't it amazing how messed up he is." Huh? Because he felt a certain way, and changed physical only characteristics to make the outside match how he felt inside, he's messed up. Granted if my husband came to me with this same scenario, I don't know if I would be open minded enough to handle it, and go a whole nother way sexually, but I don't think that means this guy is messed up.

I think it means that as a society we are pretty repressed and close minded in our thinking. I mean in the end, what does it matter, who cares? It's just a preconceived perception, or am I messed up ? I won't agree with you if you say yes by the way!!

Friday, June 01, 2007


Okay this is pretty cool. Computer screen in tables with advanced grabbing techology to be marketed to hotels and restaurants first. Only one minus that I see, some servers are about to loose a portion of their jobs and lively hoods or become too busy with all the orders flying in.

I can't decide. Ordering will become easier, but will your food actually come out on time. What about special requests? Still, way cool. I want one LOL.