Monday, June 04, 2007

Misc Thoughts That Have Not Been Blogged

I want to blog these thoughts only to have them for later contemplation, as I will forget them later if I do not blog them down.

----The monster hates her son's in laws. Normally this might be totally acceptable in another family, but it's always been fascinating to me that everyone who is not directly in the monster's inner circle must be hated. My dad's brother, his mother, me, my mother that she has never met, her ex, her sons in-laws, and I am sure someday his wife. It's like she gets jealous and no one can have interactions with people that are "hers" except her.

---While "they" (cause the S donor needs to feel every single way the monster does) hate the in-laws, they also jump through hoops to try to impress them (and no one else that they claim to like). There was the reception where it was made clear (this was in addition to the reception and wedding in Sweden) this was to impress the in-law parents. The trips where they treated them to the White Barn Inn, a well known fine dining establishment in the area. The weird servants that were at one Christmas or Thanksgiving gathering with nothing to do. I think it's more jealousy and perhaps hurt feelings that have caused back lash at the in-laws. Probably also the fact that the monster's son seems to (gasp) like them. They barely ever tried to have any relationship with my husband's parents (which was fine with me, and probably them, quite frankly but they "liked" them). It's that whole money thing again. It is king in their country. They are very easily impressed by the green paper stuff, and any other form that it comes in.

---Oh, it's the monster and S donor's anniversary this week. I used to love when the S donor would give ME marriage advice, meanwhile I have a successful marriage, and he.....well he's two for two IMO. The thing is, he will never divorce, it will always be the spouse that needs to divorce him, as he will hang on until it's deader than a door nail. Plus there is all the money problems that would ensue for the both of them (see above as far as monetary importance to the both of them LOL).

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