Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Woopee Wednesday

So my "weight" has been going down slowly until this week, but my inches have been going down much faster. And this week, I have lost a pound a day basically. I have been exercising for at least an hour everyday, either riding my bike ten to twenty miles, or doing kick boxing and weight lifting like today.

I have been eating healthier, but working more in how many additional calories I burn rather than limiting my calories. That seems to be working much better for me than limiting and working out like a maniac. A big more healthy too, as I seem to be getting more of the things I need. My stamina and energy level is way up.

I feel good, much more healthy than two months ago. So I want some one to find me and kick my ever loving ass if I ever stop exercising again. Seriously, hurt me but good. It's so easy, and it's so ridicoulous that I let my weight spike up like that.

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