Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Cancelled!!!

My S donor has a summer house exactly one street over from me. For like the last twenty years he has had father's day at his house. I, obviously, have not "been in attendance" for a couple of years now. Last year when everyone must have known we were not talking, I was a bit surprised that he still picked that day for a celebration. Course he is a grandfather too, and perhaps he is able to do a little bit better at that. That is until any one of the girls starts having their own thoughts or opinions, or God forbid reaches puberty. Gosh wonder what the stepB is going to mandate about their, er, feminine hygiene products at that point, since he was one of the instigators in the great "smuggle out of the house" project when I was 19.

Any ways, mean thought there. So this year, I was wondering, is he going to invite everyone up again? I mean the only ones that really go or enjoy it anymore are him, the stepmonster, my aunt and uncles, and her sister and kids. They see each other all the time. It's become apparent that other family members just don't enjoy ye old household there anymore due to attitude and the general uncomfortableness of the house et all. Kind of cramped with crappy company, and better things to do that day. It has become an obligation rather than an enjoyable event. Plus no one ever understood why F day there anyway? It's like the most crowded and trafficky day of the whole year here. Trying to leave or come here is a nightmare unless you live here like I do NOW .

So even though I wondered, I was surprised when I received conformation on this from a guest this weekend. Apparently the monster has had a car accident. That is not unusual for her by the way, there hasn't been a car that she had that hasn't suffered. That's saying something as she needs to trade them in every three years at least. However, I do sort of doubt the tale as to why it's not being done this year. I have an uncle that had an apartment at that house, and they weren't getting along. Apparently we no longer see him as he "broke his leg".

These are all just suspicions on my part knowing the players. And it is sort of with relief that I may be able to note, the S donor lies to others not just me, even when the truth of the matter is obvious. Ignore the truth and it will go away. I should make that their family motto.

Wonder if the "auto accident" will extend to family reunion time.

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