Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Davis, Rest In Peace

What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people? Whenever a story like this comes out with the tearful boyfriend or husband, why is it I always want to believe this isn't going to be the case this time?

And we don't KNOW this is the case yet, but it would appear that the police have acquired some fine evidence against the "boyfriend". Plus there was an interview in which another girlfriend also with his child (had he never heard of birth control for Gods sake, much easier than having to plan the murder of the mother and child, one would think) reported that he stalked her.

I should not be surprised anymore when estrangement seems to rear it's head in almost everything. It seems Jessie was estranged from her father and brother (or them from her) after a particularly painful divorce. It seems it is everywhere with everyone sometimes, but so few people talk about it.

I feel so bad for the dad and brother, as it looks like they never meant for the estrangement to be permanent, and those feelings weren't acted upon before this event happened. So there will need to be another way to find closure to the death of a daughter and sister. (and grandchild and niece).

In any event, a sad story all around for a mother who looks like she very much enjoyed her children, and her son loved her. Who knows why whoever the creep was who took her life did it? Child support, didn't want a child, didn't want her to break off the relationship? It's very sick and very sad. It sounds like the women in this guys life endangered themselves by doing the right thing by their children and themselves by breaking off with him.

I would hope that any women in danger, take head, and move out of state if you have to. Take action and protect yourself from creeps like this.

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