Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Heart wrenching story on the Today show of a soldier and his team who came across some goat herders. They were in enemy territory, so they knew it was a high probabiity if they let them go they would be attacked. The other option was to execute them.

The team took a vote and decided to let them go. 40 to 100 came back after this team of four soldiers. This guy was the only survivor.

What a choice? The cost, this guy was the only survivor. His best friend was killed as he risked his life to try and get a cell phone signal.

War is not pretty at all. The people who did help save this guy life's are now in jeopardy as, you know, these are country men whose collegues are not likely to be very happy that he helped out this American soldier.
This soldier and his unit could have also gone to jail for war crimes had they executed these goat herders. But the survivor said if that meant they were still alive, it probably would have been worth it. Things no one should have to live with or think about. Sigh.
Beautiful day, but now I am bummed out.

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