Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, Here It Is Father's Day

It's almost like I feel the relief of the S Donor pressence not being one street over. And although it's irrational on so many levels, I don't need to feel the hurt of just one more family holiday where I am not in attendance and my existence not even acknowledged. Course, that could be going on somewhere else LOL. Just knowing I can enjoy the day without thinking "is that them, is that car them, are those people them" is sheer bliss.

To my stepfather, my E Donor's husband. Jimmy thank you for being so very kind when I knew you. Thank you for loving HER through thick and thin. I am glad she has someone for her. Mostly thank you for not becoming involved in the situation no matter how you feel about it.

To my father in law, thank you for everything you have done, including taking me in when I was nineteen and being so happy about my new business. I like talking doggies with you. You are a sweet man!! Thanks most of all for loving my husband so much.

To my Italian Grandfather. Hi gramps, I hope you and gram are together again. Oh, yes and I hope you find Dicky, your canary, up there too!! When you look in on me, I hope what you see makes you happy. I love and miss both you and gram. I am sorry for the situation that probably pains you:( I love you however, and know despite the fact that you most likely strongly do not agree with me, you love me too!! Miss you and the boison berry tree.

To my Finish Grandfather. Didn't know you that well, and kind of happy about that. However, I hope you found peace or happiness after death.

To my father, enoughs been said on this blog. I wish you were someone that I wanted to have a relationship with, but that will never happen. I have resigned myself to that a year and a half ago, and probably long before that but did not face the reality of our "relationship", which was really that of two different strangers. I hope life is as you wanted it, and that you have a nice day. Just never include me in any of your days.


Ramblings from an Old Woman that lived in a shoe. said...

This was the first father's day I did not call my Dad. It was a little tough to start with but then well,, it's over so deal with it...

I am much happier these days. Family can be so screwed up. You can't pick em and you can't shoot em...what's a girl to do..

Hang in there.....Bulldog..

winterskibunny said...

Can't shoot them? How about just with a bee bee gun LOL? In the arse!!

The first time I didn't call my dad was bliss, I am sad to say. No smile plastered on my face, the infernal looking for "the card", and the waiting for him to gift me with 15 minutes of conversation.

The maddening thing about my family is they look and act so "normal" as long as you don't have to deal with or live with them on a daily basis. That's what gives it a whole different perspective, and the true personalties come out.