Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Troubles

Not really for today, just something to blog about as I stretch:

-----Husband billed some electronics on a new card, didn't tell me, so he could save interest for six months. Guess what though? They had the wrong address, we are about to refinance, and it hit our credit report. Excellent. Killes husband and stuffed his remains in a garbage bag in the basement (just kidding, he cooks too well)

-----Husband's car still has no inspection sticker. Instead he has taken the sticker completely off, and seems intent on keeping it that way until someone stops him and puts him in jail. I will not bail his ass out at that point.

-----Family "reunion" coming up and hope all goes well. I don't know what we will be able to talk about, as apparently all sorts of family scandals are happening, which isn't normally appropriate topics at parties where you are surrounded by others in the know LOL.

-----Husband got in trouble with his boss lately, and he was being a bit arrogant to him. Husband was wrong, not good on the first month and a half on a new job that you want to keep. He has trouble accepting that it sucks working in corporate america, there are politics, you have bosses you might feel are less qualified than you, and that's just the way it is and will continue to be. Why does he think I got the fuck out when the opportunity presented itself for me LOL?

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Anonymous said...

our family is a big dysfunctional hole that a bunch of idiots fell in...so I think we have you beat.. ha ha