Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh, Another Observation Leaked Out Today, and I want Tomorrows post to be on another topic

In my husband and I's very short venture into the tea business, my S donor and Monster used to like to "help" us out by ordering product which I sold to them at cost. Now before you say the S donor was trying to help us out, he did this shit to the E donor when she had her business. In accounting, there is a gross profit that you charge customers for overhead et. What the S donor and monster realized was that they had a cheap source of gifts.
The monster also wanted (so she did not have to pay retail) me to buy for her (through my sales tax license) a certain chai that she liked. Just pay retail bitch!! It wasn't something that I carried, it's goes bad, AND there would be something wrong or something for the monster to bitch about, I assure you of that. To my credit, I always just fluffed that off and NEVER did it for her.
The S donor even insisted on us doing a tea party for his school secretary, although we told him we didn't want to and weren't set up for that. But he nagged and nagged, and when we came up with a price that would include profit and we thought he would refuse, he didn't. We had to rent china and tables, and it just wasn't what we were doing. We also had to stay there through it.

It really sucked. Then there was the time the S donor realized he could acquire part of our Peanuts (snoopy and charlie brown peanuts) as his gift for the monster's nephew. Cause we are just a store where they can come and pick up stuff. You know, with a little planning, it's pretty easy these days to find what you want either in stores or on the internet. Instead of waiting that morning, calling your daughter who was on a personal errand, and insisting she come home, open up her house, so you can pick up some stuff that you have no right to.

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