Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Dysfunctional Family Party Games

Ugh, got this family "reunion" party coming up. I am making myself go to see my cousins, though I really don't know how fun even that will be. I am hoping it will be fun, but there is so much sh&t going on within the family, that I imagine there will be mostly tension. Plus open bar with some of these folks, that's just asking for it. Especially with this many hurt feelings and grudges rolling about.

So dysfunctional family party games:

  1. Drinking game where someone else catches a dirty glare towards a relative. The recipient needs to take a drink when tagged. Other players can instigate the dirty look by loud remarks on during conversation with the glaree. It's part of the fun.

  2. Get relatives to rush to the bathroom to check on themselves by acting like you are inconspiciously staring at an item of clothing or their teeth.

  3. They make mad lib books for this. Have your table play the dysfunctional family mad lib book.

  4. Everytime an estranged relative passes by, drop something and see how many times you can get someone to pick something up for you.

  5. Whose relative got the most "peace" gifts game. Hands down, I think my monster would win. Let's see if she brings the fur coat, the new car, et that she has gotten lately. I think I would win this game, but perhaps not. Can be men or women, but I suspect it's usually the men placating the women:)

  6. Mirror relatives movements for as long as you can before they notice.

  7. Scavenger hunts that include picture taking. Aunt at the perfect "sloshiness"----video gets extra psoints with audio. Any conversations about other relatives from those that are holding grudges (will be more helpful if they are drunk and unaware of taping at that moment.

  8. Documenting snarky and catty comments during the evening, and having votes on the best ones!! Points for someone brave enough to hand out the award to the winner.

  9. Mud or jello wrestling with your nemesis!! Okay, that might happen sans the mud or jello at this party with someone just going for my hair. That's what I am afraid of. That is, I am afraid I lack the weight to fuck that bitch up! I think we all know who we are talking about here.

  10. Shocking news. Who has the best secret about them or someone else (they do not need to name the person, but the person needs to be involved in the event). People must be shocked and not know about what they are talking about too .

  11. Charactictures of the person that you dislike most there. Winner has best look alike or is recognizable by certain features.

  12. Who can get away with the best double edged compliment? Must be witnessed by at least one other player.

  13. Who avoids the most nasty or pointed questions about stuff they don't want to answer to? Who has the most creative ways of getting out of this?

***Who can bring up the most annoying topic, that others can't say what they want to it in front of the others?

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