Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The sun is shining, my weight is going down again. Life is good, but on Wednesdays I try to scare up some kind of bad news.

Well, the husband pointed out that there is legislation going through that is now going to threaten the whole mortgage industry. Smaller brokers are not going to be able to charge closing costs as they have been. This will hit the bottom line of both large and small brokers, but it will be the small brokers hurt the hardest.

I don't know what people who need non-prime mortgages are going to do. I think they are moving people from the frying pan into the fire myself. The effect it's going to have isn't what the politicians who have their head up their ass (most of the time) are thinking. I guess it's like any other industry, the dishonesty of a few are going to hurt many.

Until recently, my weight had spiked back up likely due to muscle gain and water retention. I know it wasn't my fat coming back due to my tape measure. And the clothes fitting thing, those things never lie. Most of us go by the scale, so when that puppy is not reacting as expected it tends to derail your commitment even when you know what is going on.

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