Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh Another Husbandism

Oh yeah, the husband came up with another piece of wisdom to share wid y'all. How could I have married such a conservative close minded person? And how can this person be a really nice caring guy, albiet having such screwed up beliefs?

Or was I raised to "liberally" by parents that did not even believe in the idealogies that I took to heart. I was so raised not to be racist, sexist, and not to judge based on sexual going ons in ones own life (as long as consenting adults, blah blah blah, no one is hurt). I have always really believed this and continue to.

Howard Stern interviewed Martine Rosenblatt who invented satellite radio. Now my husband and I are both pretty huge Howard Stern fans, we own Sirius Stock, and we subscribe to Howard on Demand because we do not have satellite radio as yet. BUT WE WILL, AND WE FIRMLY BELIEVE OTHERS WILL COME AS WELL, JUST LIKE CABLE. In the meantime, we have a budget and don't have money right now for additional luxuries, we should probably cancel our premium cable channels since I use Netflix (gotta wait for the Dexter new season to come and go first, not to mention the last two episodes of the Sopranos).

So this guy (now gal) is fascinating. First of all, he invented much of the more sophisticated technology that goes into satellite radio. Oh, the interview was such a move to get the info out and promote Sirius, but it was all good. Martin(e) has been married for 48 years to the same woman, and has a cute daughter with her. Fairly recently he let her know that he wanted to be a woman, and (after I am sure a period of surprise) she was good with it and wanted him to be happy. They still have a sexual relationship, and when Howard asked if she was now a lesbian, she said something like no, I love my husband for who he is so I guess I am a Martineism. I thought that was pretty good, and everyone exclaimed that was what true love is.

Is that the end of the story? Oh no, this guy's daughter got sick, and there was no cure. So he started up the bio company that made the cure that saved his daughter, and it trades for over 60.00 a share now!! Do you know how hard it is to get a bio company to perform like that? Not only did he come up with a cure, he came up with a viable nother company.

Clearly this guy is a genuis, with a great career good family life. So we are talking to the tenants about it, and my husband says "this guy is so fascinating and such a genius, isn't it amazing how messed up he is." Huh? Because he felt a certain way, and changed physical only characteristics to make the outside match how he felt inside, he's messed up. Granted if my husband came to me with this same scenario, I don't know if I would be open minded enough to handle it, and go a whole nother way sexually, but I don't think that means this guy is messed up.

I think it means that as a society we are pretty repressed and close minded in our thinking. I mean in the end, what does it matter, who cares? It's just a preconceived perception, or am I messed up ? I won't agree with you if you say yes by the way!!

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