Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Summarized Postings for Halloween Movies

Spider_babie HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I FORGOT ONE OF MY MOSTEST FAVORITE FINDS "SPIDER BABIES" 1968. Pretty much Gothic Horror with a little comedy in there. Very cool movie.

To summarize all my picks on both my blogs, here are the postings:

  1. October 3oth MFS Blog
  2. October 25th MFS Blog
  3. MAP October 30th
  4. MAP October 26th
  5. MAP October 25th

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Terror-Addendum to Halloween Movie Must Haves

  1. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962

  2. Portrait of Dorian Gray 1945

  3. Wicker Man 1973 (the remake 2006 was very good as well)

  4. Sixth Sense 1999

  5. Invisible Man 1958

  6. Diaboliques 1955

  7. Silence of the Lambs 1991

  8. Hannibal 2001

  9. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964

  10. Single White Female 1992

  11. Fatal Attraction 1987

  12. (Duh) Carrie 1976

  13. The Ring 2002

  14. Poltergeist 1982 (the first one IMHO)

  15. Sleepy Hollow 1999

  16. Dead Zone 1983
  17. The Fog 1980 (the orginal only IMHO)
  18. The People Under The Stairs 1981 (funny comedy horror)
  19. House of Wax 1953(remake 2005 is campy sort of crap, but I liked the back story that they gave to it, and it had nothing to do with the orginal Vincent Price House of Wax)
  20. Motel Hell 1980 (I don't know how I forgot this one)
  21. The Thing 1982 (sci fi horror)
  22. It 1990 (Stephen King)
  23. Alien 1979 (sci fi horror)
  24. Jurassic Park 1993
  25. Black Christmas 1974(the orginal, not the remake)
  26. The Vanishing 1993
  27. The Bad Seed 1956
  28. The Good Son 1993
  29. Magic 1978
  30. Stranger in Our House or Summer of Fear 1978
  31. Secret Window 2004
  32. (OMG) The Baby 1973-Talk about a twist ending!!!!
  33. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
  34. She Creature 2001
  35. Vacancy (may be listed twice) 2007

  36. Rebecca 1940

Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Knew That My E Donor and Monster Had Such an Apt Definition Out There

Especially in regards to the step monster, this is pretty eerily accurate. The jealousy of others, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, believing they have an elevated social status that they don't, the over emphasizing of achievements that they haven't actually achieved.

Wierd. It's like they are talking specifically about her, next my mother, and then finally my father. I am thinking he belongs in perhaps a different context of some kind. More controlling, lack of empathy, ability to "love" only after you have left, ......looks out for self, and the actions of others only in so far as they reap the rewards for him (ie less problems with his wife, comfort for him, success of someone else reflecting on him.....)

Narcisstic Qualites?

As a product of two narcisstic (IMHO) donors , I often ponder those qualities and if they are a symptom of a larger problem (ie mental disorders). For instance, I have another dog trainer that has shown an interesting and inappropriate fascination with me (and not in a good way, luckily it's a woman, but still....) Going so far as to threaten my dogs and my safety should I see her (no matter how subtly). One thing I notice about her, is she seems to think I know things or should know things about her, when the truth is that I have no interest in her whatsoever. Do narcisstic people think everyone is interested in them, their hobbies, what they do? I mean, I am interested in my friends et, but I don't do research on them or search them out at all. Narcisstic people seem to think everyone is interested in them, and go out of their way to "research" other people. Is it just that they deflect their own fears or the fact that not many people like them on others?

It makes them seem a little crazy, and a lot dangerous to me (probably as a result of watching the shows Snapped and The Most Evil a little too dilligently). For instance, when I watch Betty Broderick's story talked about, I can picture my own monster snapping and shooting me in the bed when I sleep (because I am pretty convinced although I am the unloved daughter, that she has always seen me as the other woman, and that will never stop. She blames me for all her problems of non success in business and marriage).

I think the deflection is the same, and the unawareness of proper social niceties and conduct. For instance, when (in my younger adulthood) I was talking to my S Donor, he would badger me about coming up to Maine without the husband. It annoyed me, I mean my husband and I do frequently things alone and together. Mostly I was ignored going to Maine, so he was good company (and by the way we love each other and like being together) and a good buffer between me and my family. I didn't even know how much I did not like them then, I just knew I needed something to get between me and them.

Anyway, one weekend I thought "hey the S Donor probably just wants to do things alone with me, let's see how it goes". So I let him know that I was going alone. I get there, and he is leaving with his friends and the monster for the beach, and it is clear that I am not invited along. "Okay see ya, have a good time. Glad to see you came alone." So I bike rode alone, and walked alone, and called my husband on the phone to say how lonely I was. I got the required fifteen or five minutes of conversation from the Donor, and that was it.

It occurs to me now that in his Narcisstic way, he was deflecting his own problems. HE wants to get away from his spouse, HE does not enjoy time with HER, and HE has always tried to get me to mold my life to HIS unhappiness. Totally the opposite of truly loving parents that want their kids to succeed and be happy in life. It was all about him, it had nothing to do with him wishing to spend time with his daughter. I didn't want to spend time with him either, as I dislike him so, but was (misguidedly) willing to give it a chance, and reaped the same results (what is that defination of insanity again) that I got repeatedly over and over and over again.

I like being pampered by my husband, and I enjoy his attention. I hope to God that I don't have the type of Narcisstic qualities that my parents display, but I know in reality I just have to have some. I hope that I am more like my grandmother, where the underlying foundation is about love and caring of the people that are important to me. It's difficult for me though, to even pick up the phone sometimes to talk to my elderly father in law, who I love dearly. It's even almost impossible for me to express that sometimes.

Little by little, I strive to change these things, I can only (thankfully) imagine the damage I would have done (unintentionally) if I had children myself. But then I think of the job I do with dogs (both mine and other people), and think I would have at least done a job of several hundred times better in the love department anyway.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Do People Stop Talking on Estrangement Boards

On an effort to recruit members to a discussion board, my E Donor sited lack of support as the reason (actually she received plenty of support, it's just that not everyone agreed with her----per usual). The actual reason someone like me, or someone who has resolved some conflicts to the satisfaction of their conscience may stop talking, is because something has become resolved. There becomes less of a need to reahash it over and over again.

Another reason, it gets painful to visit that place again and again, even if it's just to support someone else. If no one else responds, I will try to revisit that place and lend my support. Many time though, there are an overwhelming amount of support responses, and I will take a vacation from that place. It's not a place you want to go too often, if you don't need to. It is filled with pain, regret ( for what you never had), memories that are not happy by a long shot, et. If you don't have to visit, why would you?

Then there are people like the E donor, who seem to get a sense of self and worth from wallowing in it. If they can't be successful one way, than surely they can by being the biggest "victim" in the world, no matter how much they created their own world as it is. These two years, I have thought about it a lot, since the blowout over who would sell my house. That estrangement made me revisit the other to re-evaluate my decision making process. Wow, being right does not mean that you won't feel pain. Right decision, and in some ways not having gone there would have been LESS painful. In other ways, making the question go away has given me a lot of peace, and made the second estrangement much more bearable. The knowledge of the enrichment of your life by no longer being shackled to people who do not care for you (no matter what they "say") is quite liberating. I like myself more now, although that does not diminish the pain and guilt (no matter how unreasonable it might be, it's what keeps us human, right?)

Many people come to conclusions whether fairy tale endings or real life realizations, that do not have to be rehashed. They become resolved in someone's mind so that they do not need to be played over and over again.

I do hope the E Donor can come to that place by herself. It's been 2 years for me, and going on 20 years for her. Perhaps if some truths were accepted about her responsibility, she could come to that place as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Halloween Movie Must Haves

Gosh, can I come up with thirteen horror movies? Ah, yeah, it's can I stop. So much to choose from:

  1. Let's Scare Jessica to Death-classic [don't want to ruin the surprise] movie 1971.

  2. Original Halloween I and II (1978 & 1981), of course. II only thrown in there to continue the story, not as good as one. I haven't seen Rob Zombie's remake or prequel yet.

  3. And, oh what the heck, I enjoyed H20 (1998) as well in the Halloween movies, which is Halloween 20 years later.

  4. The Audition, Japanese Horror Movie 1999. Quite a take on your submissive Japanese woman (NOT!!!!).

  5. Godzilla, the remake 1998. A totally American movie doing a fresh new (and sometimes funny) look at Godzilla and how he came to be here. I own this movie, I loved it so much.
  6. The whole Subspecies series. The production company that actually did filming in Romania went bankrupt and out of business, but I so loved these. Yet another different and twisted look at vampires. Subspecies came out in 1991, which I thought was the weakest of them and I actually saw it last. Bloodstone, Subspecies II, came out in 1993. Bloodlust, Subspecies III, came out in 1994. And finally the last (boo hoo) came out in 1998 Bloodstorm, Subspecies 4.
  7. Red Dragon, of course, because I have read the Thomas Harris books. The film came out very well in 2002, I thought.
  8. Blind Beast 1969 is a good Japanese horror film that I recently did a review on. Very, very creepy.
  9. The Burbs 1989. Comedy horror at it's best. Tom Hanks plays a neighbor, who is suspicious of the new neighbors in town.
  10. The Lost Boys 1987. A vampire movie that I always still enjoy when it's on. I like the plot of the younger brother helping out the older brother. Grandpa gets in on the act as well.
  11. Showtime Master of Horror Series. I didn't like them all. The very first one is probably my favorite due to the surprise ending, and just overall creepiness of it. Plus, you are never really sure where you are going......really.
  12. Ghost Story 1981, good book and I think good movie. Actually, if I remember correctly, I might have enjoyed the movie more than the book.
  13. Movies made out of Dean Koontz novels!!!! In specific Demon Seed, Intensity (Scrubs actor plays very convincing psychopath!!!!), and Hideaway. The movies have almost always been a close second to the books. His books have a lot more details in them, and are very very hard to put down. However, the movies very closely resemble his books, only they are plugged into two hours (with the possible exception of intensity which was done as a series).

See, I can't stop....14) Lady in White 1988 15) Burnt Offerings 1976 16) Perfume 2006 17) Series of about 12 Dark Shadows The Revival (though it doesn't end there, but production was cancelled, so it's a bit frustrating after episode 12) 18) Hostel I 2005 and II 2007. II is even better, but I wouldn't discount I at all!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My New Favorite Inspirational Quote

Heard this on the Today show "Take the leap and the net will appear". For many reasons in my life, that really struck a chord with me. It doesn't happen without work or sacrifice, but you can make your life to be what you want (not talking about material wise necessarily, but happiness and fulfillment wise).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Terror 1969 Blind Beast

Interesting little disturbing movie. Rape and kidnap theme that I don't normally like, and not really sure I liked in this movie. However, this is a pretty orginal movie, and quite disturbing. I didn't take it too literally due to the ending, it seems something else was suggested.

Surprising Japanese little horror gem.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have had contacts for three years now. I resisted them for so long in my life, due to fears of if they get jammed into the corner of my eye. Not to mention that I used to be afraid to touch my eye. So I got over that, and things have been going well.....

When yesterday, my right eye contact started killing me. Really painful, and my right eye turned all red and irritated. Next, in the car, I realized I wasn't seeing very well out of my right eye (now I am wearing perscription sun glasses). I had taken the irritation from before to be that it's allergy season for me.

That night, I look in, and I swear I see another wrinkly contact at the top of my eye. Now this makes sense, because it was like I was looking through two perscriptions. Now I am freaked out, as this contact like disappears again, and I can't get it out of my eye.

This morning, I think I may have gotten it out or imagined it. The eye feels better and I can see out of it again. Now way too freaked out to put the contacts in again, and am going to see my eye doctor ASAP!!!!

I knew there was a reason that I always resisted contacts.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Birthday

You know this is being written in advance actually, as I never think of the Donor on this day. Actually, never think of either donor on their respective days. I think they call it, blocking it out. Before these days were tense times of trying to figure out gifts for the S donor, who didn't even bother to talk to me. Barely registered that he got a gift or a card, except for the one Halloween card I made him. Then no acknowledgement of anything after that again. It's why it sticks in my mind.

I wonder if there is a stigma attached to the donor's birthday, as there is to mine, as far as I think my parents are concerned. I was "the accident that forced them to marry and ruined their lives". There was nothing I could ever do to make up for that, so I became their chronic dissappointment. Gifts weren't good enough, doing things together weren't good enough, I couldn't worship them enough, or agree with them enough, or live my life the way that they wanted me to live it (which was always a moving target by the way, there was no way to do that, even if I wanted to, which I didn't).

I know my dad was born awhile after his siblings. I believe it was so he would be the built in "caregiver" for my grandmother. She loved him, but I think she let him know that too much. So he began to feel the "slavery" affect of it. Imagine, he also thought of me as his captor, while I thought quite the opposite.

Just some happy estrangement birthday thoughts, ugh. And no, no birthday card going out this year. Questionable as to a donor that "wants to reconcile" supposedly ripping up cards from his offspring as the address did not include the monster that slapped her across the face. You wonder, does he really think he will ever get a card again?
Apparently, even the monster doesn't want to spend time with him, as all her open houses are scheduled on this day.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best Idea EVER

Grocery stores (some or most) now boil the darned lobster for you. Guilt free lobster for 6.99 per pound instead of 32.00 at the restaurant, or killing your own lobster by boiling. I am aware I shouldn't feel so proud of that, as bottom line, I had my husband order the death of a lobster for my dining pleasure.

I did honor it by eating everything possible, and thinking it delicious.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Complaints

The Today show had an interesting piece about a book that has started a "no complaints for 21 days" movement. I found this interesting as my hubby is a chronic complainer, and I often think he would be happier if he complained less.

Me too, I probably have my share of things to complain about during the day, in fact I think I am sort of complaining now. It's interesting, but how about complaining thoughts? Now I am getting my A side of my personality, which I thought I squashed four years ago going LOL. The idea is to affect change in your behavior. Typically it takes about three months until you can identify a day that you didn't complain.

I don't know what I think about it. I guess first one would have to actually define complaining as less than all conflict. But again that's my type A, and it's probably a lot simpler than that LOL.
This blog is kinda one long complaint LOL, and I would certaintly need to change some subject matter. How would that go?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Terror's Do Not Bother-Legend of Boggy Creek Resurected

Resurrected 1992

-I can't call it the worst movie that I have seen, as I have seen some doosies. However, only see this if you are wondering what happened to the actor in Fast Times at Ridgemont High who deflowered the young hot girl, and then was an ass afterwards. If you are wondering how an actor can fall hard and fast, and develop no talent, well, you've got your movie. He has a small role. Really, Really bad.

This 1975 movie was done documentary style, but is more like one of those school reels you would watch. How babies are made, or dating or something like that. Very hokey. Some nice scenery, and I wouldn't bother. It was probably the first of it's kind however.

1986 & that's Grace Jones in Vamp. I don't even know what would have possessed me to order this one. If you are curious, just don't be. Trying to be in the funny style of American Werewolf, but truly bad. Grace doesn't have any lines, just her classic "look". Yikes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friggin Cold Out There

B---fucking---rrrrrrr. Heat still hasn't gone on here, and we are standing strong. In the high sixties INSIDE the house during the day, and I am assuming mid fifties at night. Just got to buck up, as it doesn't NORMALLY get warmer as we go towards November. Although the past two Thanksgiving days have been in the high seventies, I swear, and also Halloween has been nice for the past four years or so. Christmas has even been warm!!

Anyway, let the tricks and treats begin this month. One of my very favorite holidays!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogger Update

Helpfully, a blog buddy told me how to delete comments when you have unmoderated status in my last blog tech post. Thank you so much. Now I can just leave this unmoderated, and delete the disgusting spam posts when they come through!!! So irritating. Especially since, it doesn't even work that well for them, just hangs onto your blog.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sometimes, you just get these little gifts in life......

I don't consider myself a mean and vengeful person.......except to one, the step monster. Anything, and I mean anything that doesn't go well for her, just puts a little smile on my face.

Look at this HOUSE for rent.


Look at this HOUSE for sale.

Yup, thems the same house and the house I was unfortunate enough to grow up in as a child. And, er, the house that the monster is selling under her own name now (or renting ) for more than two years. She has by some miracle sold five homes that did not belong to her (but probably to a high school friend or something), one over her annual average of 4 homes sold a year.

This humilation must supercede the humiliation of having your step whatever not allow you to sell their (ie my fucking) house. To be a real estate agent and not even able to figure out how to sell your own house, and have your miserable sales record on the web. That does have to be the ultimate, doesn't it.

Besides that, the turmoil that must be going on in the S Donor and Monster's household. I am ashamed to say, it gives me a happy little glow inside. May they live forever in their misery together.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Divorce In The Family

I was just looking at my husband's underwear on the floor LEFT AGAIN, and thinking how silly that a divorce that I am aware of is (on the surface) based on disputes like this. I would never let that end my marriage, but I don't REALLY think that is what ended the other marriage either.

Marrying young because someone got pregnant is NEVER a good idea. There needs to be something else there, and you can't just convince yourself that it is there to make a bad decision seem good. There are times that the two go hand in hand, but not often, and normally preclude a long term relationship that was not in the process of ending was before the "surprise".

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Elements of Weekday Mornings

Here are thirteen elements of a typical weekday morning:

  1. Hairy naked husband ironing clothes to go on the road.
  2. Me on the computer in his office updating my blogs and checking my e-mails.
  3. Two boarding dogs and my dog, Jackie, on the guest bed in the office looking on.
  4. Chocolate coffees with whipped cream served by my hardworking and thoughtful husband.
  5. Me considering what needs to be done and when for doggie pickups.
  6. The Today show on everywhere, just so we can hear it in whatever room we walk into.
  7. Scanning the room for discarded husband socks (who should know better) so Jackie doesn't spot them or scoff them up.
  8. Leon still asleep in the master bedroom, as his other knee is bothering him now.
  9. Looking around for dishes that weren't brought down last night, to go down now (I like to keep the house picked up to cut down on the cleaning chores).
  10. Husband asks me to answer his cell phone (business phone) while he goes into the shower. Oh great.
  11. First thing in the morning every morning, doggies pooped, peed and fed.
  12. Check Jazz's crate linens to see if any accidents were made by the old lady. We love Boo.
  13. Make sure doggies get attention.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Typepad Vs Blogger Yet Again


1) Unless you put them on moderated status, comments apparently can never be deleted (normally not a problem but I detest spam comments). Therefore, I have changed this to moderated comments, but no fear, as long as you aren't a spammer, I will put you through.
2) Space on blogger is free, and recently (like months or a year) I haven't had problems with space or pictures like I first had.

1) You can at any time delete comments, but it will show you deleted them if they already went through unmoderated, which I find a minor inconvenience compared to blogger number 1.
2) No longer a way to measure how you are using the space you have bought. Ugh. Plus they keep your bandwidth (not a problem for me I don't think) a surprise until they want to charge you more.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Terror-----Vacancy

Okay, related to estrangement as we start out with a couple (one of whom is played by Luke Wilson) on their way to divorce in this movie called Vacancy. Car trouble....creepy guy at gas dies out after all....they hike back to creepy hotel near creepy gas station. In this picture, they are trying to get YOUR attention for the GUY BEHIND YOU, yipes!!!

Then the fun begins. This is one that frankly scared me, and as you can imagine, I am a little jaded by the frequent watching of horror movies to be scared easily. Something about the subect matter (and I will NOT clue you in here) just really did the job.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Moany Monday-She's Baaacccckkk

Oh, not to my blog, but seems she's up and about on her own blog again. I could be completely crazy here, but there seem to be endless passive aggressive messages to me when she blogs. As if, she can stop blogging, but if she starts, these messages MUST go out to me.

Too funny, the "politics of blame". What am I blaming her for? For having a better life without her crazy manipulative influence? No, I give myself credit for taking action, and dole out none of the blame. I certaintly don't blame myself that she is a self centered manipulative being. That's who she is, there is no blame for that. I just choose not to allow damaging people into my life, whether they are related by blood or not.

The good news is, it gave me something to bitch about. I have been in an entirely too good of a mood lately to come up with shit on my own. It really needs to be personally provided these days.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Make Me Think of Neptune or Clyde, who both passed years ago

Thirteen things that make think of my beloved pets, Clyde and Neptune and Mustache, who died 4 and 3 and 1 years ago respectively:

  1. Neptune's perscription for expensive heart medicine, which I still can't bear to throw away. Because it feels like throwing him away, which I know is absurd.

  2. The box where his medications and pill box were kept.

  3. His pill box, which is quite intricate, that had four compartments for each day for his 16 pills at differing times that he needed to take.

  4. The gate that we used to gate off a room for Clyde so he could pee or poop in peace in his old age. He could no longer make it to the basement through the special kitty door there.

  5. Mussy's red collar with Warner brothers characters on it.

  6. Mussy's grave in the woods (my husband doesn't like cremation).

  7. Neptune and Clyde's matching urns (I don't like bodies decomposing).

  8. Miss Boo's (aka Jazz's) old age now, makes me think of the guys and going through it all over again.

  9. Mussy and Clyde's carrying case that was bought specially by our friend's for Clyde specifically, when he had diabetes. He was going to the vet ALOT then.

  10. The red crappy collar that hangs with the others. It was Neptune's collar that came with him when he was adopted.

  11. The hard hollow bones that the dogs chew, one also came with Neptune when he was adopted.

  12. Neptune, Clyde, or Mussy's pictures that come up as slide shows on our screen savers.

  13. The reapolstered chair that Mussy used once as a scratching post (no real damage, but I can see where his claws hit).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Further Adventures of The Poop

So Poop did make it home last night. His lady "friend" had called my husband to say she had given his dad a check, and to make sure he had it and cashed it. When my husband asked why she should do this, she snapped it's none of your business. My husband ended the convo there. Rut Rho, Shaggy.

So later my husband asks his dad about this. He says he gave this lady 600.00 cash, as she claims her phone bill call in charges (for the one call to find out if Rob's dad was okay, which was a message left in five seconds, and which bill she wouldn't even have received yet) came to 600.00. Course, this was after the call where she was threatening to sue Rob's brother for "pain and suffering". So Poop gives her 600.00 in cash, and she says she feels bad, and gives him an end of November post dated check (probably on stolen checks) for 400.00.

Elderly people, er, have a fixed income to live on, so this is not good at all. This isn't the first time the Poop has done something like this, and not used good judgement. So now the family is trying to figure out the best way to go about protecting his finances in the future. People in this world are so horrid and evil. Can you imagine preying upon an 83 year old man like this?

Oh yes, then one of his other son's biggest concerns was that HE (someone who can work and save for retirement) could use his dad's money. Nice. So you got the cleaning lady sniffing around him, this "woman" from another state, and his own relatives rubbing their hands together for a little of the green. And I wonder why I like animals more than people.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Adventures of The Poop

So my father-in-law, as I mentioned, is incredibly lonely after the loss of his wife. It's been almost two years now. One of his sons set him up with an internet contact, probably not envisioning what would happen next. He meant to set him up with someone close by, but confused a town in one state, with the same named town in another state hundreds of miles away.

Immediately, the poop is talking of love and marriage. He has the same illness that I do, only much more severe. He had never met this woman other than on the phone (he doesn't have computer skills), and she is 20 years younger with two jobs supposedly. First he says she is visiting, but she wants pictures of his house before he comes. So that made me concerned, but I figured one of the boys could go and meet her with him, just to let her know that the family was around and aware of who he was with.

Next thing we know, he is booking a flight up there, even though he is saying she doesn't want him to. Well, at first he said he was invited, then he said she suddenly got sick and told him not to come. Short of chaining him to the bed, we were unable to talk him out of this possibly bad idea.

So he has been in this state (as in US state, not state of mind, although that probably as well) for two days, and the he will be boarding a plane back. From all accounts, sounds like this trip was a disaster, but perhaps like other trips I have taken, some good in having a little adventure will come of it. He and the lady did not hit it off. She later called the other brother, and said she was suing him for pain and suffering, so she did have other intentions obviously. Thankfully, or hopefully that will probably be the end of her.

We all just can't wait until he gets home safe. My husband says, it made him realize how skillfully his mom navigated through her marriage, as the kids were shielded from much of this.