Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Elements of Weekday Mornings

Here are thirteen elements of a typical weekday morning:

  1. Hairy naked husband ironing clothes to go on the road.
  2. Me on the computer in his office updating my blogs and checking my e-mails.
  3. Two boarding dogs and my dog, Jackie, on the guest bed in the office looking on.
  4. Chocolate coffees with whipped cream served by my hardworking and thoughtful husband.
  5. Me considering what needs to be done and when for doggie pickups.
  6. The Today show on everywhere, just so we can hear it in whatever room we walk into.
  7. Scanning the room for discarded husband socks (who should know better) so Jackie doesn't spot them or scoff them up.
  8. Leon still asleep in the master bedroom, as his other knee is bothering him now.
  9. Looking around for dishes that weren't brought down last night, to go down now (I like to keep the house picked up to cut down on the cleaning chores).
  10. Husband asks me to answer his cell phone (business phone) while he goes into the shower. Oh great.
  11. First thing in the morning every morning, doggies pooped, peed and fed.
  12. Check Jazz's crate linens to see if any accidents were made by the old lady. We love Boo.
  13. Make sure doggies get attention.

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