Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Further Adventures of The Poop

So Poop did make it home last night. His lady "friend" had called my husband to say she had given his dad a check, and to make sure he had it and cashed it. When my husband asked why she should do this, she snapped it's none of your business. My husband ended the convo there. Rut Rho, Shaggy.

So later my husband asks his dad about this. He says he gave this lady 600.00 cash, as she claims her phone bill call in charges (for the one call to find out if Rob's dad was okay, which was a message left in five seconds, and which bill she wouldn't even have received yet) came to 600.00. Course, this was after the call where she was threatening to sue Rob's brother for "pain and suffering". So Poop gives her 600.00 in cash, and she says she feels bad, and gives him an end of November post dated check (probably on stolen checks) for 400.00.

Elderly people, er, have a fixed income to live on, so this is not good at all. This isn't the first time the Poop has done something like this, and not used good judgement. So now the family is trying to figure out the best way to go about protecting his finances in the future. People in this world are so horrid and evil. Can you imagine preying upon an 83 year old man like this?

Oh yes, then one of his other son's biggest concerns was that HE (someone who can work and save for retirement) could use his dad's money. Nice. So you got the cleaning lady sniffing around him, this "woman" from another state, and his own relatives rubbing their hands together for a little of the green. And I wonder why I like animals more than people.


gretty said...

Been catching up on blogging - what a story! Your poor FIL! Sadly,most people are just not trustworthy.
Also thanks for the previous movie post, Severance is now on my netflix list.

winterskibunny said...

No most people SUCK. Okay, that's not true, but trusting elderly people or just trusting people tend to attract the sucky ones!!!

Makes me crazy.