Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Terror's Do Not Bother-Legend of Boggy Creek Resurected

Resurrected 1992

-I can't call it the worst movie that I have seen, as I have seen some doosies. However, only see this if you are wondering what happened to the actor in Fast Times at Ridgemont High who deflowered the young hot girl, and then was an ass afterwards. If you are wondering how an actor can fall hard and fast, and develop no talent, well, you've got your movie. He has a small role. Really, Really bad.

This 1975 movie was done documentary style, but is more like one of those school reels you would watch. How babies are made, or dating or something like that. Very hokey. Some nice scenery, and I wouldn't bother. It was probably the first of it's kind however.

1986 & that's Grace Jones in Vamp. I don't even know what would have possessed me to order this one. If you are curious, just don't be. Trying to be in the funny style of American Werewolf, but truly bad. Grace doesn't have any lines, just her classic "look". Yikes.

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