Monday, October 22, 2007


I have had contacts for three years now. I resisted them for so long in my life, due to fears of if they get jammed into the corner of my eye. Not to mention that I used to be afraid to touch my eye. So I got over that, and things have been going well.....

When yesterday, my right eye contact started killing me. Really painful, and my right eye turned all red and irritated. Next, in the car, I realized I wasn't seeing very well out of my right eye (now I am wearing perscription sun glasses). I had taken the irritation from before to be that it's allergy season for me.

That night, I look in, and I swear I see another wrinkly contact at the top of my eye. Now this makes sense, because it was like I was looking through two perscriptions. Now I am freaked out, as this contact like disappears again, and I can't get it out of my eye.

This morning, I think I may have gotten it out or imagined it. The eye feels better and I can see out of it again. Now way too freaked out to put the contacts in again, and am going to see my eye doctor ASAP!!!!

I knew there was a reason that I always resisted contacts.

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