Monday, October 01, 2007

Adventures of The Poop

So my father-in-law, as I mentioned, is incredibly lonely after the loss of his wife. It's been almost two years now. One of his sons set him up with an internet contact, probably not envisioning what would happen next. He meant to set him up with someone close by, but confused a town in one state, with the same named town in another state hundreds of miles away.

Immediately, the poop is talking of love and marriage. He has the same illness that I do, only much more severe. He had never met this woman other than on the phone (he doesn't have computer skills), and she is 20 years younger with two jobs supposedly. First he says she is visiting, but she wants pictures of his house before he comes. So that made me concerned, but I figured one of the boys could go and meet her with him, just to let her know that the family was around and aware of who he was with.

Next thing we know, he is booking a flight up there, even though he is saying she doesn't want him to. Well, at first he said he was invited, then he said she suddenly got sick and told him not to come. Short of chaining him to the bed, we were unable to talk him out of this possibly bad idea.

So he has been in this state (as in US state, not state of mind, although that probably as well) for two days, and the he will be boarding a plane back. From all accounts, sounds like this trip was a disaster, but perhaps like other trips I have taken, some good in having a little adventure will come of it. He and the lady did not hit it off. She later called the other brother, and said she was suing him for pain and suffering, so she did have other intentions obviously. Thankfully, or hopefully that will probably be the end of her.

We all just can't wait until he gets home safe. My husband says, it made him realize how skillfully his mom navigated through her marriage, as the kids were shielded from much of this.

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