Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Halloween Movie Must Haves

Gosh, can I come up with thirteen horror movies? Ah, yeah, it's can I stop. So much to choose from:

  1. Let's Scare Jessica to Death-classic [don't want to ruin the surprise] movie 1971.

  2. Original Halloween I and II (1978 & 1981), of course. II only thrown in there to continue the story, not as good as one. I haven't seen Rob Zombie's remake or prequel yet.

  3. And, oh what the heck, I enjoyed H20 (1998) as well in the Halloween movies, which is Halloween 20 years later.

  4. The Audition, Japanese Horror Movie 1999. Quite a take on your submissive Japanese woman (NOT!!!!).

  5. Godzilla, the remake 1998. A totally American movie doing a fresh new (and sometimes funny) look at Godzilla and how he came to be here. I own this movie, I loved it so much.
  6. The whole Subspecies series. The production company that actually did filming in Romania went bankrupt and out of business, but I so loved these. Yet another different and twisted look at vampires. Subspecies came out in 1991, which I thought was the weakest of them and I actually saw it last. Bloodstone, Subspecies II, came out in 1993. Bloodlust, Subspecies III, came out in 1994. And finally the last (boo hoo) came out in 1998 Bloodstorm, Subspecies 4.
  7. Red Dragon, of course, because I have read the Thomas Harris books. The film came out very well in 2002, I thought.
  8. Blind Beast 1969 is a good Japanese horror film that I recently did a review on. Very, very creepy.
  9. The Burbs 1989. Comedy horror at it's best. Tom Hanks plays a neighbor, who is suspicious of the new neighbors in town.
  10. The Lost Boys 1987. A vampire movie that I always still enjoy when it's on. I like the plot of the younger brother helping out the older brother. Grandpa gets in on the act as well.
  11. Showtime Master of Horror Series. I didn't like them all. The very first one is probably my favorite due to the surprise ending, and just overall creepiness of it. Plus, you are never really sure where you are going......really.
  12. Ghost Story 1981, good book and I think good movie. Actually, if I remember correctly, I might have enjoyed the movie more than the book.
  13. Movies made out of Dean Koontz novels!!!! In specific Demon Seed, Intensity (Scrubs actor plays very convincing psychopath!!!!), and Hideaway. The movies have almost always been a close second to the books. His books have a lot more details in them, and are very very hard to put down. However, the movies very closely resemble his books, only they are plugged into two hours (with the possible exception of intensity which was done as a series).

See, I can't stop....14) Lady in White 1988 15) Burnt Offerings 1976 16) Perfume 2006 17) Series of about 12 Dark Shadows The Revival (though it doesn't end there, but production was cancelled, so it's a bit frustrating after episode 12) 18) Hostel I 2005 and II 2007. II is even better, but I wouldn't discount I at all!!!

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