Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Things That Make Me Think of Neptune or Clyde, who both passed years ago

Thirteen things that make think of my beloved pets, Clyde and Neptune and Mustache, who died 4 and 3 and 1 years ago respectively:

  1. Neptune's perscription for expensive heart medicine, which I still can't bear to throw away. Because it feels like throwing him away, which I know is absurd.

  2. The box where his medications and pill box were kept.

  3. His pill box, which is quite intricate, that had four compartments for each day for his 16 pills at differing times that he needed to take.

  4. The gate that we used to gate off a room for Clyde so he could pee or poop in peace in his old age. He could no longer make it to the basement through the special kitty door there.

  5. Mussy's red collar with Warner brothers characters on it.

  6. Mussy's grave in the woods (my husband doesn't like cremation).

  7. Neptune and Clyde's matching urns (I don't like bodies decomposing).

  8. Miss Boo's (aka Jazz's) old age now, makes me think of the guys and going through it all over again.

  9. Mussy and Clyde's carrying case that was bought specially by our friend's for Clyde specifically, when he had diabetes. He was going to the vet ALOT then.

  10. The red crappy collar that hangs with the others. It was Neptune's collar that came with him when he was adopted.

  11. The hard hollow bones that the dogs chew, one also came with Neptune when he was adopted.

  12. Neptune, Clyde, or Mussy's pictures that come up as slide shows on our screen savers.

  13. The reapolstered chair that Mussy used once as a scratching post (no real damage, but I can see where his claws hit).


gretty said...

Beautiful post.

winterskibunny said...

Thank you. I miss them so:(