Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sometimes, you just get these little gifts in life......

I don't consider myself a mean and vengeful person.......except to one, the step monster. Anything, and I mean anything that doesn't go well for her, just puts a little smile on my face.

Look at this HOUSE for rent.


Look at this HOUSE for sale.

Yup, thems the same house and the house I was unfortunate enough to grow up in as a child. And, er, the house that the monster is selling under her own name now (or renting ) for more than two years. She has by some miracle sold five homes that did not belong to her (but probably to a high school friend or something), one over her annual average of 4 homes sold a year.

This humilation must supercede the humiliation of having your step whatever not allow you to sell their (ie my fucking) house. To be a real estate agent and not even able to figure out how to sell your own house, and have your miserable sales record on the web. That does have to be the ultimate, doesn't it.

Besides that, the turmoil that must be going on in the S Donor and Monster's household. I am ashamed to say, it gives me a happy little glow inside. May they live forever in their misery together.

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