Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Typepad Vs Blogger Yet Again


1) Unless you put them on moderated status, comments apparently can never be deleted (normally not a problem but I detest spam comments). Therefore, I have changed this to moderated comments, but no fear, as long as you aren't a spammer, I will put you through.
2) Space on blogger is free, and recently (like months or a year) I haven't had problems with space or pictures like I first had.

1) You can at any time delete comments, but it will show you deleted them if they already went through unmoderated, which I find a minor inconvenience compared to blogger number 1.
2) No longer a way to measure how you are using the space you have bought. Ugh. Plus they keep your bandwidth (not a problem for me I don't think) a surprise until they want to charge you more.


Anonymous said...

You can remove comments... sign in...make your comments come up on the posts..hit the little trash can beside the comments you want gone...

me,, you know...over there at that other site... yeppers... u r so welcome...

winterskibunny said...

Thank you so much!!! I hated having that spam on my site, now I can go hunt it down and remove it!!