Monday, October 08, 2007

Moany Monday-She's Baaacccckkk

Oh, not to my blog, but seems she's up and about on her own blog again. I could be completely crazy here, but there seem to be endless passive aggressive messages to me when she blogs. As if, she can stop blogging, but if she starts, these messages MUST go out to me.

Too funny, the "politics of blame". What am I blaming her for? For having a better life without her crazy manipulative influence? No, I give myself credit for taking action, and dole out none of the blame. I certaintly don't blame myself that she is a self centered manipulative being. That's who she is, there is no blame for that. I just choose not to allow damaging people into my life, whether they are related by blood or not.

The good news is, it gave me something to bitch about. I have been in an entirely too good of a mood lately to come up with shit on my own. It really needs to be personally provided these days.

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