Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Die Germs Die!!!!

The thing about getting over a cold, if you have done all the rest and taking care of yourself, is the re-emerging into the world and realizing how much Fing stuff you have gotten behind on. The "good" news is this is a historically slow time for business. Good only that it allows me to get up to speed on personal and business obligations without having to stress myself out too entirely much.

It also allows me some time for volunteer work, helping others out where I wouldn't normally have time, and enjoying my very own puppilas. I am not over the plague yet, but I have been up on my feet since 8am this morning, and don't want to carve my nose off my face. I am accepting this as a sign of improvement.

I realized, in my feverish haze, that having a cold makes my memory functioning go amuck. I had to go back to the house for poop bags numerous times. Remembering clients keys to take with me, statements or leashes was all too much. That lack of oxygen to the brain when you have a respiratory episode does nothing good. Not even a good high or anything, Geez. Excellent source of headaches however.


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I hope you use lysol on your blog because if I catch what you ave I'm so going to come over here and whine to you about it!!

winterskibunny said...

Sorry, my germs need a new host. You will need to find your own victim.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! I just got over mine and I'm still tired.