Thursday, March 05, 2009

State of Affairs

I hope no one thought I had died from the cold that I had LOL. Things have been good. In fact, so good that I have had not that much to blog about on my "negative" blog.

In May, we have an unveiling to go to for my father-in-law. This is a Jewish tradition (my husbands' family is Jewish, but not me). It's nice in that the family gets together. It brings up a lot of the grief again, however, and I don't enjoy that so much. I prefer the tradition of wake, funeral, and over. It's hard enough getting through the "firsts of everything" throughout the year without a deliberate reminder.

Checked my mother's website today because I was thinking of family estrangements. She has a new poem. Instead of feeling the familiar anger that she does not own up to her part in it, I felt it was a well written poem. If I did not know the person or circumstances, I might feel sorry for that person. As it was, I didn't feel any anger or resentment. It's only been 11 years now LOL. Not really a fast journey for me. A journey that has contributed a lot to my life, however.

An amusing thing about the poem is that it focused on presents and packaging at the end. The superficial stuff that does not make or break a relationship....normally with normal people. At least she was giving this package to someone else, rather than expecting it to be done just right and given to her:)

Oh well.

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