Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hmmmm, A Quandry

Well, I still think my family sucks. I just don't think about it that much anymore. I will probably be writing in my Middle Aged Princess blog more frequently, and this blog may now die a graceful death, eventually. I can't help but think something else will come to the forefront to be mentioned.

One thing that I did not mention is that my cousins came to town. My father and the monster had them over for Christmas, and there was no invite forthcoming. Not surprising, but pretty hypocritical as my loving father tore up a Christmas card when the monster's name was not on it. This was after she completely ignored that Robert's mom was dying, to instead focus on trying to convince us to let her sell OUR house.

Course she is still doing swimmingly in the real estate market selling four houses a year in this economy. Down from her all time high point of five houses a year. This comes up as someone informed me that she had a listing from yet another one of a dead relative. She may have actually sold the house this past month, but if she did the property does not appear on her sales as yet. This could catapult her again to an all time high:)

Pretty much that is it, and I haven't been all that bothered by it. Just shows that they are who they are, and nothing will ever change it. And I can't accept that treatment. So there you go!!

Thank you all for reading. You probably won't hear from me as frequently as you might have in the past. You can still follow me at the following blogs:


Both of which ended up being ignored lately, but I am coming back to them. I just had some stuff to ponder over the winter months. Nothing big, just taking time to concentrate on business et.

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