Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Poor Father In Law

My father in law recently had what may have been his second stroke. He has been getting more and more forgetful or losing memories altogether, along with other signs of oncoming senility to boot. He goes in and out which is quite distressing for the family, as they try and decide what the right thing to do is.

He also has a mental illness which contributed to threats of suicide recently when he found himself in the hospital. Family is trying to get guardianship of him for his own good. Family friend leaked this to him, and now he has his own lawyers. Hospital is TRYING to kick him out as they are no longer treating him for the stroke, and no longer want the liability for his suicide threat. Also, they seemed really ill equipped to handle an elderly man with a mental illness. Is this new or something for them? Is this something that they don't go over in medical school? Geez Louise!!

Meanwhile rehab nor nursing homes want to take him either. Family is ill equipped to deal, as this would have to be a full time gig, complete with doing medical tasks that would make me quite nervous and monitoring his medicine intake et. As you might imagine, my father in law just wants to go to his non assisted apartment. The hospital that was threatening to let him do that, backed down after all while the family scrambles for alternatives. Ugh.

I guess this is all the thrill of making it to your golden years? I am hoping once an assisted living situation is found, he thrives in it like my grandmother did.

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