Monday, April 07, 2008

The House is Up for Sale Again

Okay, so the monster has hired a new real estate agent (as opposed to using herself). Must admit, that's probably a pretty good idea. And they are now using someone who is supposed to be quite successful. Really makes me think this real estate agent must not like them too much, as check out the pictures that she chose to use.

And here are the pictures of my old childhood home in it's glory.

Er, what tricky marketing plan are they using LOL. Did they loose the pictures of the house before or what? Now our house is down to 309,000 while it looks like it is now in the 140,000 category. I have added a new tag to check the progress called "Real Estate Mogul". An apt title for my competent monster who was insisting on being allowed to sell our house. Bwahhahahahahahhahahah!! I think not.

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