Saturday, April 05, 2008

Memories and Thoughts

I don't know why this memory popped into my head. I remember when the S Donor was a teacher at St Nicholas school in Worcester. He taught two grades, and classrooms joined together. There was a cool playfort in the classroom.

I used to pretend to get sick at school, so my S Donor would pick me up, and I would get to be in HIS classroom. I think the reason that I liked this, was this was the person that I did not see at home often. I certaintly did not see this person after the third grade, when I started forming my own opinions.

He had fun with his students, and he seemed fun to me there. It's a side of him that I never saw again as I got older, and of course I started getting in trouble for pretending to be sick so I could go to work with him. I am glad I did, as it is one memory that I like of him. I don't remember him teaching though, which is odd as I am sure he was. I think I retained the memory of what I liked most about him at that time.
Dr Phil has had many family shows on, the most recent being on controlling parents. I think that hit home, and then they were talking about school and controlling parents, and this memory popped up. I hadn't remembered or thought about it for the longest time.

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