Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Shrinking Family

Robert and I are doing great on our weight loss goals.   It hasn't been easy in some ways, and easy in other ways.  Just good old fashion watching what we are eating and exercising.   We did get some tips from a nutritionist that were helpful as follows (and simple);

  1. Do this together which has always been a problem.  One or the other was attempting, and then "the temptations" would come in (and I am not talking about the singing group).
  2. Food shopping together (we have not been doing so great on this lately).
  3. Eating the same meals (we do this a lot more, but sometimes are tastes still differ).
  4. Eating more vegetables (never a problem for me, and husband discovered he likes carrots and sweet potatoes after all).
  5. Two thirds of plate should be vegetables.  (better on this but not up to two thirds all the time)
  6. First word in bread and cereal ingredients should be whole.
  7. Three meals, and two snacks a day.
  8. When you wake up, eat no more than 1 hour after waking (I have not been so great on this).
  9. Start exercising slowly(have been good on this)
  10. Make menu plans (was good on this in the beginning, but now that we basically know what we are going to be eating, we don't bother so much anymore).
Great tips, and unfortunately the nutritionist that we used left:(   We may make some follow up appointments.

Only news on the Spermy front is that we were recently at a flea market.   One of my dad's old friends, who incidentally lives right next to his summer house and has for ages, saw me and came to say hello.   Apparently Spermy never goes to see his old friend, and when he does see him, he disappears inside the house.   This is someone who sold the summer house to him, very low, because they were friends, and no doubt he thought Spermy would keep up the friendship in some way.    His friend actually asked ME to say hi to my dad for me.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I haven't talked to Spermy in over five years.   This is just the way Spermy treats people, dispose of them once they have given you what you wanted.   Nice.  At least it's not just me Spermy treats this way.

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