Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Corporate Slaves/My other Blog Service Down

Watching my husband charter through the waters of corporate America lately. Ugh. I have been reading the book The Cheating Culture, and it so nails what happens in corporate America. Although I have to disagree with the books "price gouging" definition, if your customers know what they are paying and they have picked you, then that is not gouging. As a service professional the overall price may be well worth it, and I don't think the books author took into consideration, salary of personell doing menial work (benefits, taxes, space, equipment rental, office supplies) et et. Whether that fee comes in an increased per hour fee, or a per item of menial faxing, mailing et, does not matter IMO. That is as long as it is disclosed on billing and is accurate.

Any way, the hubby is off traveling in CA right now, and recently got back from CAN. He is stuck on the flight they pick (what do they care if there are 8 transfers), hotels they pick, cars they may or may not rent (held hostage during off hours), where when and with whom you eat, and on and on. I managed to weasle out of all trips, except two that I wanted to go on. One to San Fransisco, and one to Boston. Both times, I managed to get agreement that my husband came along LOL. But I had learned a lot of hard lessons, before being able to mold things to my way. It's also very helpful if you are invaluable, and no one wants to learn never mind do the work you are doing.

I guess that is what Robert is trying to accomplish, since he volunteered for this training/presentation additional duties. I say they will just try to push him harder.....faster.....more. That's what I found in the corporate world, the more you put in, the more they expect from you. The less others put in, the more time off they get with the same pay and benefits as you. If anything, you may be expected to take a position higher than you at the same pay. I said no to that one in Butchers co. Wonder how all those crooks are doing these days. Yuck. S C Johnson so sucks as a corporation (that's who bought and dismantled Butcher's despite their promises not to). They were soooo suprised when I told them flat out, I wasn't moving to Wisconsin, and even assuming their corp was right here, there was no way I was working for them. Still makes me ill thinking of that corporation.

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