Monday, November 14, 2011

Cold Weather Plan

I need a cold weather fitness plan for this winter (never mind the holidays).   It's so easy to get out and about when it's nice out.   Historically, I have always preferred hibernation in the winter months!  It was dogs that originally got me active in the winter.   I like to ski (downhill) but it is not an activity that I can do everyday during the winter.   I do have indoor gym equipment, so this is something I am going to need to utilize again.

It's getting over the bone chilling cold of winter however that is the problem.   We choose to conserve a lot on heat during the winter.   Layering, of course, does help but when you go outside in the cold (which I need to do in order to appropriately train dogs) the cold (even if I don't feel it while I am out) tends to creep into my bones and sap my energy and strength by the time I go indoors.

I'm thinking maybe ensuring that I have a hot shower or bath waiting for me when I come in from long times in the cold weather?   I have most of the gear to keep me warm when I am out, but I still get the bone chill when I come in.  Maybe have some new clothes heated up for me when I get in.   I am going to have to figure this out, or I will have put on all the weight I lost NEVER MIND being able to loose more.  

Today is beautiful out, but recently it has been cold I went into hibernate mode for sure LOL.   I CAN NOT have that happen for the next five months.  


mulderfan said...

Cross-country skiing with the pups might work but I should talk, I f**king HATE the cold!!!

Winterskiprincess said...

I am not a huge fan of cross country skiing!!! Downhill skiing is much more my game.

However, we have wet lands, and should this winter go freeze first, then snow...I will probably have my skating rink back in the back yard. The pups like to run around on the islands back there as I do my old lady skating!

Even so, when I get in, that cold like creeps up on me.

Winterskiprincess said...

Yoga afterwards maybe, as that gets the blood flowing.