Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Except for one very tragic and devastating incident, we had an other wise great year.  Our wonderful canine companion, Leon, died suddenly on 9/20/2012.   I am still not over it, and will never really be over it.   It will just get a little less painful as time goes on.   Leon was a very special and loving soul.   He did a lot of work with me in my business.  He provided a lot of love, fun, and joy for us all as a family.   It is believed to have been a cardiac incident.   By the way, 40% of Dobermans are thought to have cardiomiopathy.  Still they remain my very favorite breed due to their sense of fun and their athletic ability.

Sigh, he is very very much missed.   There are all sorts of little jobs he would do for me during the day, that remind me how very much he loved working with me.   Everyday there is a reminder of that.

So here is the good parts of 2012:
  1. Business up by 18%
  2. I was able to take a few actual days off for a vacation this year.   First time since 2005, I think.
  3. Summer was perfect in that it was not sweltering hot.   It was a very comfortable and enjoyable summer.
  4. We had many many good times with our dogs on the beach this year.
  5. My husband and I were able to have a lot of good times this year.  
  6. We have been able to afford things like heat and health insurance this year:)
  7. We have been able to get our savings going again.
It would have been a really stellar year if Leon could still have been with us.  


mulderfan said...

Sorry for your loss. Leon sounds amazing. We're never really ready to lose one of our furry kids but when it's unexpected it's much harder.

Earlier this year my darling Dutch got sick and died within two hours from an undiagnosed tumour which ruptured his spleen. Right to the end he did his best to help me by getting himself in the car and struggling up the steps before collapsing just inside the door of the vet clinic. They told me with this kind of tumour when the dog shows symptoms it's already too late.

I know you're like me and have owned many dogs in your life but every once in a while we are blessed with one like Leon or Dutch who are super special. It was a real honour for us to be their humans and we'll treasure that memory forever.

So happy to hear that other areas of your life are going well and hope that continues for you in 2013.

Hugs, mulderfan

Anonymous said...

I have to say all my dogs have been a blessing. Each had very individual qualities, and without exception all were wonderful companions. Leon needed less supervision than most, and this was his individual trait. Plus his drive to work was pretty extrodinary.