Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fours for Mulderfan

Four Places I go:

1. Long Sands Beach
2. Short Sands Beach
3. Portsmouth NH
4. Kittery for the outlet stores to train the dogs around.  

Four Crushes I Have:

1. My Husband:)
2. Robert Lowe
3. My Third Grade Teacher, Mr Sullivan (this is more of a had, since I haven't seen him lately)
4. Daniel Craig

Four Smells that I Love:

1. Meatballs cooking
2. Brisket Cooking (okay anything my husband cooks, so I will stop it here)
3. Honey Suckle
4. Ocean breeze

Four Favorite TV Shows:

1. Hung (not sure if it's coming back though)
2. Dexter
3. Modern Family
4. Gossip Girl (my shameful secret)

Four Favorite Movies:

1. Dances with Wolves (I stop watching when they are all about to go, but before the soldier decides to go back---which does not happen BTW)
2. Jumpin Jack Flash
3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
4. Overboard

Four Recommendations:

1.  Dean Koontz books.   He has quite the imagination.
2.  Do something new that you always wanted to do.   You won't regret it.
3.  Let the people you love know it with actions and words.
4.  Take care of yourself.   Your body is the only one you have.

Four People that I'd love to read their Fours:

1.  Suburban Black Sheep
2.   Diary of a Scapegoat
3.  One Angry Daughter

4.  Polly Want a Narcissist

Four Things about me that you don't know:

1.  I can burp at will.
2.  I love historical romances by Lisa Kleypas only (another shameful secret)
3.  I totally adore horror movies (though you can't tell by my top four movie list).   I have a hard time finding ones that I haven't seen (ie classic ones) OR any decent new ones.
4.  I refuse to be defined by a political party.  I vote for who I think will get the job done.

Four bands that I love:

1. The Who
2. Jethro Tull
3. Nickelback
4. Duran Duran

1 comment:

mulderfan said...

Thanks! Good on Ruth for encouraging us all to lighten up!

It's been so long, I totally forgot about Hung! Love that show! Also, Nurse Jackie on HBO.

My DD can burp at will and has recently found a boyfriend who finds it quite impressive. She also loves horror movies and drags me along. (I confess, I like the Saw series for all the nasty gadgets.)

I'd love to meet you, your DH and the dogs. Maybe you could help me straighten out my beloved Schindler (GSD, shy aggressive rescue).

Thanks again for some smiles, mulderfan