Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Great Quote(s)

And other honorable mentions:

I knew it, I'm surrounded by Assholes.

When I shut my mouth and turn to walk away...

And then some really disturbing posts that I found:

Estrangement An Act Boarding on Evil

Our Son Has Been Served

There is one that I now can't find that basically said that if at least their daughter was dead, the would get to see their grandchildren.   WTF?  Horrifying.  I remember getting a letter from saying "I don't even know if I am a great grandmother yet."  No interest in me or anything, just in anything that may have sprung from me.   I didn't have any children, but in any case if I had answered the answer would have been "no you are not a great grandmother".

Just a hint, if you are trying to reconcile with someone, you might want to show an interest in the PERSON you are pretending to want to trying to reconcile with, rather than showing them your true and insane agenda.  Get close to my kids, um, yeah no I don't think they need any phone calls where you describe how you are trying to kill yourself.   Thanks, but er,no thanks.  Luckily it was never even a problem or consideration.


mulderfan said...

Always a pleasure reading your posts! At least if I really AM crazy, I know I'm in great company!!!

One of my biggest regrets is letting the assholes have access to my daughter. Now, that it is entirely in her hands, she has nothing to do with them! Apparently, they believe I turned her against them but I think they might want to look in the mirror on that one!

Neil Davis said...

I'm estranging now and you and mulderfan have been an inspiration.

In my case I didn't see my mom for what she was (narcissistic control freak) until I met my fiance. She hated her from the first minute. She's actually told me that my stepdaughter (who I love like my own daughter) doesn't matter, right in front of my stepdaughter.

I bought a house some 60 miles away from the donors to be with my fiance. I've been accused of abandoning the family. We are all but married. The only thing holding us back is she has state insurance and if we get married, she'll lose it. Ever try to add a cancer patient to your employer provided health insurance? It doesn't go well.

She's all but accused my fiance of stealing my dad's cancer meds. Nevermind the fact that her own addict son who's been to rehab 4x for cocaine and pills might have done it.

My fiance has cancer and requires help sometimes. My mom believes that my dad having cancer is more important and I should be living back near them to help out, abandoning my fiance because "she's too much trouble, why don't you find someone healthy".

Suffice to say I'm just glad that I'm not alone. You are doing at least one person a ton of good.

Winterskiprincess said...

What is wrong with people who make things into a contest or choice where there need not be one?"Why don't you find someone healthy?" Wowza.

I'm glad your stepdaughter will know that you love and care for her as well as your fiance. People who really love people, per my definition, are able to have hearts that allow an extension of family or friends to include those of loved ones. Not to mention common empathy over OTHERS situation.

I am sorry you are going through this. It is no fun, and it's not something any of us wish for ourselves or others:(

mulderfan said...

Neil, your comment brought back memories!

When we met my older brother's future wife for the 1st time, she was already pregnant with his child. When NM found out the mother of her 1st grandchild was a diabetic she suggested my brother find a healthy spouse instead. Not sure what plans the old bat had for the baby!

When that didn't work NM said my future SIL had "tricked him by getting HERSELF pregnant". What?!?

To this day, 45 years later, NM maintains the baby isn't my bother's child!

Here's what it comes down to: if it wasn't THEIR choice, it's the wrong choice!

I'm honoured to be of help and wish you and you fiance all the best life has to offer.