Monday, August 13, 2012

Officially on my semi vacation

It's a semi vacation because I have two days that are off (not in a row).   Other days where I have work scheduled but not that crunchy and not taking on any last minute new clients this week.   It will be different if a current client has an emergency, as I am here.   Other than that though,  doing fun stuff this week.   And not one of my FOO is in my head or thoughts.  Other than I had to think about them to write the previous sentence.

Going to see the local sights, get a soft serve cone, and relax on the beach.   Also boogey board in the waves.  I'm going to spend some quality time with my husband, my dogs, and any family or friend that I truly wish to see and spend my coveted time off with.  If I don't want to spend this time off with a reader who knows me, they know who they are .   They also know why.

I work hard.   I deserve my time off to be peaceful, fun, and pleasant.  That is what I work towards, and look forward to.   And because I love what I do, I don't take that much time off at all.   In fact the last time was 2009, and my dog, Jackie CD, died at the very beginning of that "vacation" due to complications with his digestive system.   (problems he had all his life, unfortunately, but we never thought would become fatal).  And before that the vacation was in 2005!  So why would I choose to spend that time with people who I don't particularly care for, and who don't particularly care for me (just their image).  I guess I was promoting my image too, by not being honest up front awhile ago.

All my vacations have not tended to happen in the summer either, as it is a very (and has been to date) time.   I am at my budget through August however, and the opportunity presented itself to me.   So by Dog, I will take advantage and enjoy a little summer reprieve from work and from pains in the asses.


Mona said...

Have a great vacation! xoxo T Reddy

Mona said...

Have a great vacation!

Winterskiprincess said...

I did have a great couple of days off:) Now back to work, but it has steadied off instead of being crazed!