Monday, March 25, 2013

Peaceful First Quarter of 2013!

On the estranged family front, things have been very peaceful.   I am hopeful that it will remain thusly!   The business is doing well, my remaining dogs are doing well, and life is good.   I even managed to take a little me time off and go on a mini vacation.

Maine still has some snow, and possibly another "snow event" to go.   I am okay with that, however:)   I am looking forward to seeing the ground again hopefully in the near future.

We have been taking care of some personal financial business.   Hopefully that will all fall into place as hoped.

It's been very nice not having the additional stress of unwanted attentions of people that really have no interested in me.  Instead of feeding any energy into futile relationships, I am able to funnel my energy in the relationships and things that matter.

I hope all the best for everyone else who has had a similar and unpleasant journey.   When things work out for the best for all involved (including yourself), then everything gets a little better and easier to deal with.


mulderfan said...

Isn't the drama free life a wonderful thing? At first, it's like getting used to a boil on your arse and when it's gone you miss it but then it becomes a distant memory.

Glad you're enjoying well deserved peace and serenity.

Hug the pups for me!

Winterskiprincess said...

I don't think you would ever really miss a boil on your arse! And unfortunately, the sorts of drama people we have dealt with are probably quiet a bit more irritating than a boil on your arse, and do a lot more damage if you let them also!