Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Family Estrangement Blogs

For myself, I know a lot of healing has been going on.   For the bloggers that I have followed, I think the same has been happening for some of them.   Hence I assume this to be the reason for the decrease in their blogging.

I did want to start searching for some new bloggers just, perhaps, beginning to dip their toes into their feelings on their dysfunctional families.   Some of these blogs I am finding, do not specifically deal with this topic as the premise for their whole blog.   I found at least two very compelling items today to share though:

A Letter I Won't Send My Father

The E-Mail I Did Send to My Estranged Father

I do not have the same circumstances, but could definitely identify with the emotions and conflicting feelings and thoughts.

I found some more articles (but not individual blogs) on family estrangement topics:

Advice on moving from estrangement to reconciliation

Facebook and Family Estrangement

10 Points to Consider Before Reconciling

We don't have to agree on everything

The actual personal blogs were harder to find.   I had to find them by going to older family estrangement blogs, and figuring out who they followed and who was still posting.   This led to these:

The Elephant in The Room

Narcissists are attention whores

What narcs hate the most

I hope everyone is well, and enjoys these articles.   It used to be easier to discover these posts.   I guess the Internet is clogged up with all sorts of information and blogs these days.   Remember, you are not alone in your experiences.   At least there are similar ones out there, and some people that can provide you some information and insight on handling it.


mulderfan said...

I blog very little these days because I'm enjoying, what I jokingly call my "dull" life.

Occasionally, I still encounter people that mistake me for a doormat and I assume the years of conditioning at the hands of my parents have left me with some kind of invisible vibe that bullies/narcs pick up. I'm at a glorious place in my life that doesn't require me to tolerate abuse for either financial or personal reasons, so I just pick up my marbles and leave the game. Not being a complete coward, I'll admit I have a tendency to rip the perpetrator and new "one" before I take my leave.

In fact, I have the healthiest relationship with my daughter that I have ever had and continue to enjoy a great relationship with my cousins who also turned their backs on my NFOO. A few close friendships that go back almost 30 years round out the picture.

My only regret would be that I didn't stay NC way back in 1990 which was the first time I did it for an extended period. But then, hindsight is 20/20!

Winterskiprincess said...

Yes, I regret reopening a relationship with my sperm donor and the step monster back in 1987! I put up with them for another 18 years of my life.

I was living with what I was told over and over again my whole life, that I was nothing without them. In fact, the opposite was true, I was not the me I could be WITH allowing them to continue to treat me the way they did.

That conditioning takes a long time to get through (at least I hope it does or I am exceedingly stupid LOL).

Winterskiprincess said...

BTW, I meant to congradulate you on enjoying your dull life. I don't know if it's that I was already a little wild in my youth, but I really appreciate dull in my life as well.

It took some doing to realize everything did not need to be drama all the time, and that drama is not an enjoyable place to be (unless you are at a play or movie enjoying a fictional story that does not involve you).

I am very happy for you, and also happy that some other bloggers may also be busy enjoying their "dull" (ie free from drama) lives as well.

Proof that we can all move on successfully and happily.