Tuesday, February 07, 2006

May need to change blog name to bad news

I don't know if I can talk about family estrangement anymore. Not interesting me so much, or really bothering me anymore.Sadly though, and unfortunate incident at my husband's work is causing much stress. He was having performance problems with one of his employees, an older woman, which as some people would know falls under two protected classes. She choose to retaliate by filing a human resources complaint against my husband, saying he demeaned her at first. Then HR in all their infinite wisdom, told her to dig up any kind of thing she could find. She didn't find much, but she found an e-mail from another employee that instructed my husband to get it done faster than a prom dress comes off. He had replied and cc'd her because the rest of it had to do with loan closings, and didn't remember that was on there. That is probably the worst she came up with, otherwise she has voluntarily given them the e-mails my husband couldn't find that detailed the problems with her performance. Thank goodness for that, don't think she realizes she just did my husband a big favor.

Still pretty stressful, not sure that my husband isn't going to loose his job over this.

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