Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Synergy Blues/Sell House Sell

Husband's company is busy laying people off, and reorganizing. Oh goody. Didn't win megamillions last night, or powerball last week, so that strategy won't work. Husband seems to be coming out on the good side of the employee complaint to HR. Employee is digging self in deeper and deeper, and has done this sort of thing before. Hopefully, husband's job is safe from this and the layoffs for at least the time being. His bosses seem very much behind him.To make matters worse, our house for sale was supposed to close on the 17th but the buyer pulled out. Now she's back, but I want to nail her to the wall this time. I don't want her wasting our time and money right now. It's on the market for a good deal.Oh well, good to vent my blues, and noone is reading any way. Depressing blog this one.

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