Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the storm passes

Funny to look at my August entry now that the panic has again passed. Robert and I make a good team, we are able to divide conquer and get on with it. I can still concentrate on my business, and Rob's gotten a better job that allows him to work from home, less hours, and make more money:) Go figure.

I see that my Mass relatives (dad and/or step in specific) are checking out my blog. I want to assure you this blog is not for you LOL. So feel free to go on your merry way. Really, trust me, I can and have taken care of myself since age 21 or so. This sudden renewed interest is really.....touching......not. Just another symptom of the OCD that happens when you can't have everything your way. I would rather not password protect this site, so if you could just go skipping off into the sunset, that would be great. I have moved on, feel free to do so yourself.

Any who.....more later after I get less annoyed, and perhaps the gremlins climb back under their rock.

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